I-1552 fails to gather sufficient signatures to make the ballot

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This week I-1552 failed to make the ballot, falling short of the necessary numbers. Email update follows. –editor To our friends, volunteers, and faithful supporters,   This is not the message I was hoping to write to you today. Unfortunately, despite a Herculean effort from a heroic team of volunteers, we were unable to gather enough signatures to get I-1552 on the ballot. We exceeded last year’s total by over 20,000 signatures, and we know that so many more people throughout the state would be willing to sign if given the chance, but the truth is that we simply couldn’t… Click Here to Read More

Our July Double Event is Live on SJI!

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  (this information can also be accessed here)   July 15, 2017 DOUBLE FEATURE @ Earthbox in Friday Harbor (410 Spring Street)   Central Committee Meeting 11:30 am – 1 pm All Republicans welcome. The Central Committee is the primary organizing body of the county Republican Party. For more information on who makes up the central committee and how it works, click here.   Then……………….. Ice Cream Social and Speaker! Come get the Scoop! 2 pm @ Earthbox in Friday Harbor   “Water Wars: Will Government Control Water on Your Property?” Speaker Ed Kilduff:  Hydrologist and Water Issues Expert Learn more… Click Here to Read More

WSRP: “Unlike any other country in the world, our premier national holiday doesn’t celebrate a battle, royalty or religion. It celebrates a document!”

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We received this email from WSRP on the 4th of July 2017. Enjoy! –Nathan     The July 4th Document… Is this email not displaying correctly? View it in your browser. As we enjoy Independence Day with family, friends and fireworks, it’s important to remember that unlike any other country in the world, our premier national holiday doesn’t celebrate a battle, royalty or religion. It celebrates a document! A few years ago I was invited to speak to the Common Sense Society of Hungary, a newly formed group of college students and graduates who were admirers of America. Their name derived… Click Here to Read More

Happy Independence Day! State budget deal, next SJCRP event, fairbooth, and more

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Greetings Conservatives! Happy 4th of July!    ​ I hope for our nation’s Independence Day that you are surrounded by friends and family! May God Bless America!   Fourth of July! There is so much to be grateful for in this great nation. We sometimes are guilty of dwelling on what is bad or worse or negative. Let us all remember the extraordinary level of personal safety that we all enjoy, the longer lives, the greater opportunity; the ability to talk to relatives half a world away, reliable power and clean water. Many places in the world lack these things.… Click Here to Read More

Attacks on Jinyoung Lee Englund (6/30 campaign email)

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 (we received this update on 6/30/17 and felt it was worth posting. The candidate’s website is here. — Nathan Butler) As I said yesterday, the attacks against me are coming. They are coming fast and they couldn’t be farther from the truth.The opponent recently sent an email bragging about an endorsement from the hyper-partisan DailyKos news blog, quoting them: “It all comes down to one seat: If Democrats can win … [they] gain control of the entire state government, opening the door for all kinds of progressive legislation.” Wow! I could not have said it more clearly. If the opponent wins, it means… Click Here to Read More

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