State Budget Stumbles Sans Help for Hirst

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Greetings Conservatives!   Thank you Ed Kilduff  and all those who showed up to hear him   A knowledge of Hirst and the water wars in this state is essential to understanding the political situation in our state (see below). School Board A number of people have asked about this. This is not a partisan election and the party is taking no position on this. If you want advice, I recommend checking with your PCO for unofficial guidance. The list of PCOs is here. You can find the voter’s guide here. Kim Wyman Cancer Update I received a note from Susan… Click Here to Read More

Lynda Gerpheide: Dr. Geyman’s Lopez “Crisis in Healthcare” has a crisis in credibility

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SUMMARY REPORT   Single-Payer Health Care Information Event Monday, July 10, 2017, 4:30-6:30 Grace Church Social Hall   by Lynda Lee Gerpheide, Vice Chair SJC Republican Party   Preface: This was the most unprofessional, unresearched, incomplete presentation I have ever attended. Here is what was promised in the newspaper article in The Islands Weekly: “With over 60 years of experience in the medical community, Dr. John Geyman… noted author, health care policy expert and professor emeritus of Family Medicine at the UW School of Medicine, will speak on the crisis in U.S. health care, how it happened, and how a… Click Here to Read More

Our quarterly ezine is live!! Washington Water Wars, the Affordable Housing debate, and more

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  Greetings Conservatives   This Saturday 15th July   11:30 am  Central Committee Meeting   2 pm Water Wars Lecture and Ice Cream Social   @ Earthbox for details click here      July Ezine Today I would like to announce our new ezine here (takes you to the table of contents on our webpage). Our cover article is Ed Kilduff, our speaker at this Saturday’s event. It is worth reading his article on Water Wars in Washington State before attending so that we can better take advantage of his expertise. We also have an update on the situation with Community Treasures by Dwight Ware, an… Click Here to Read More

Newsletter: Is having water in your house important to you?

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Greetings Conservatives!      Next week we will be publishing our quarterly ezine, to coincide with the July 15th event.   Local and State News Digest Many conservatives were disappointed when I-1552 failed to make the ballot due to insufficient numbers. Email posted on the website here. Skagit Republicans are having a picnic with Glen Morgan on July 22nd. Glen was the Director of the Property Rights Division of the Freedom Foundation from 2011 to 2015 and now is the Washington State Executive Director of CAPR (Citizens Alliance for Property Rights). There are a couple new candidates applying to replace Judge Eaton.… Click Here to Read More

I-1552 fails to gather sufficient signatures to make the ballot

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This week I-1552 failed to make the ballot, falling short of the necessary numbers. Email update follows. –editor To our friends, volunteers, and faithful supporters,   This is not the message I was hoping to write to you today. Unfortunately, despite a Herculean effort from a heroic team of volunteers, we were unable to gather enough signatures to get I-1552 on the ballot. We exceeded last year’s total by over 20,000 signatures, and we know that so many more people throughout the state would be willing to sign if given the chance, but the truth is that we simply couldn’t… Click Here to Read More