Newsletter: Memorial Day

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Greetings Conservatives   May 29, 2017: Memorial Day Remember the Fallen   There are many ways to serve our country and our community. Many of us cannot serve in the military, and many in the military never face a firefight in the desert. But all of us can give back to our country. We honor the fallen through our lives, not just our deaths, and renew the ideals and values of our country that make it a place worth fighting for. We wish of you and yours the best on Memorial day 2017.   Special Filing Period Filing week is… Click Here to Read More

Newsletter: Filing week!

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Greeting Conservatives!   ​This week is filing week!  It closes Friday 5/19   Candidates who have filed listed here. Looks like a couple options for Mayor (Latcher is not running again), SJI School Board Director #1, and Port of F.H. #2. All other offices have either no one or just one. Some major offices have nobody. Offices that have nobody are not listed on the “candidates who have filed” list. For a list of open Offices click here. I have appealed to the public to participate in the Guardian here and the journal. One of my favorite stories is that of Jonah. I don’t know… Click Here to Read More

SJCPHD Workshop today 2:00 at EMS BLDG-again. We had a good presence last mtg so let’s do it again!Scroll Down for Update!!!

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At the last workshop we heard the brainwashing propaganda of Planned Parenthood aligning itself for the SJCPHD $50,000 subsidy. Their talking points are easy to see through. It hard to listen to director making 6 figures ask for our communities’ $50,000 while PP revenue is in the billions. Today we will hear from Cynthia Stark the director of the Prevention Coalition who will voice the need for financial support to help drug abuse treatment programs in our hospital district. We will also hear from EMS Chief Gerry Martin about the Paramedicine Program also needing funds. They coordinate many medical support… Click Here to Read More

Newsletter: OPALCO results, Candidate filing week, WA State College Republicans and more

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GREETINGS CONSERVATIVES! OPALCO Election Results Vince Dauciunas and Mark Madsen retained their seats. This was a non-partisan race and we did not endorse anybody. We wish Vince and Mark all the best going forward! Island Guardian, Sounder and Journal of the San Juans report.   Candidate Filing Week May 15-20th May 15-20th is filing week. You can go to for more info, here for open positions. It would be good to have conservatives on more of these local councils. Very few people have told me (i.e. no one) that they are filing. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t conservatives who are filing, but it… Click Here to Read More

Newsletter: Spotlight on the 45th Legislative District

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Greetings Conservatives! This week we wish to focus on the special election in the 45th Legislative District. As a county political party we cannot make a donation to a candidate outside of our own legislative district. However, individual Republicans can. We have appointed Mike Galligher to chair a committee to help us put together information about this issue for circulation. If you have questions you may contact Mr. Gallagher at, or you may email me at Ms. Englund has already raised over $225,000, and we have had many in our county donate as well — one person donated $1,000!… Click Here to Read More

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