Ballot Recommendations

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Washington State Candidates Slate

Supreme Court Justice Position #1 – David DeWolf

Supreme Court Justice Position #5 – Greg Zempel

Supreme Court Justice Position #6 – Dave Larson

Governor – Bill Bryant

Lieutenant Governor – Marty McClendon

Secretary of State – Kim Wyman

Auditor – Mark Miloscia

Treasurer – Duane Davidson or Michael Waite

Public Lands Commissioner – Steve McLaughlin

Insurance Commissioner – Richard Schrock

National Candidates Slate

U.S. Senate – Chris Vance

U.S. Congress District 2 – Marc Hennemann

President/Vice President – Donald Trump/Mike Pence

Washington State Initiative Recommendations

Initiative 1433 – No

Initiative 1464 – No

Initiative 1491 – No

Initiative 1501 – No

Initiative 732 – No

Initiative 735 – No

Vote Now! Levi’s Primary Picks

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Here are my picks for the Primary. Happy to talk to anyone about these picks over email ( or phone – (360)929-4164.

A few notes:
These are my picks, not the picks of the SJCRP. This list is almost identical to Cindy’s Picks that many of you received right after ballots dropped. I’ve included comments from Cindy with mine. Neither list is an official endorsement of any candidate by the SJCRP.
I’m making no recommendation in the county council race. This is a non-partisan office, and many of us personally know the candidates, so we can vote based on first-hand knowledge.

Short Answer:
US Senate: Chris Vance
US Representative: Marc Hennemann
WA Governor: Bill Bryant
Lt. Governor: Marty McClendon
Sec. of State: Kim Wyman
State Treasurer: Michael Waite
State Auditor: Mark Miloscia
Attorney General: Joshua Trumbull
Commissioner of Public Lands: Steve McLaughlin
Superintendent of Public Instruction: Ron Higgins
Insurance commissioner: Richard Schrock
Supreme Court Justice: Greg Zempel

Long Answer:
US Senate: Chris Vance

Levi: Chris has been around Washington Republican politics for a long time, and has made some enemies. Despite that, he offers the best fight against Patty Murray. His stated fiscal policy positions are pretty solid, too.

US Representative: Marc Hennemann

Cindy: He is not a smooth politician, but he has his facts right. He would be a definite improvement over the current.

Levi: Marc has an uphill battle, but I’m pleased we have someone against Larsen. Marc leans more libertarian.

WA Governor: Bill Bryant

Cindy: Bill Bryant BEST candidate we have running this year!!! He would make such a huge difference in the choking of our bureaucracies that you wouldn’t even believe it. Talk about making a difference, his plans really would bring living wage jobs to the state and he is the reason to vote this year…PLEASE vote for him!!!!

Levi: Wow! Bill has fantastic ideas on education and regulatory reform. We desperately need him heading up Olympia.

Lt. Governor: Marty McClendon

Levi: This was a tough one! Marty represents solid, conservative principles. Think “Ted Cruz conservative.”

Sec. of State: Kim Wyman

Cindy: Kim Wyman has done a wonderful job of working to make our government elections run more efficiently and has cleaned up the voter roles. She really has done a great job for both sides of the coin, and while our SJC elections dept may not approve, their state website is not working today, she NEEDS to be re-elected!!!!

Levi: Bottom line: she wants to move our Presidential Primary earlier in the year. Let’s give her the chance to do that!

State Treasurer: Michael Waite

Levi: Another tough one, but having been on the management team at a company with 70 billion dollars in assets, I think he knows how to manage money. He comes from a private sector perspective, something I believe we need.

State Auditor: Mark Miloscia

Cindy: Mark Miloscia Mark looks like a sharp guy and says all the right things. After the last Democrat was indicted on charges of being in possession of stolen property, lying and money laundering, I think it is time to switch it up a bit.

Levi: Mark has an impressive history of working as an auditor in various organizations. A great substitute for the Democrat who was indicted on Federal charges.

Attorney General: Joshua Trumbull

Cindy: Joshua Trumbull Well qualified and knows our rights, he would be a good one to elect to this position.

Levi: The current AG sued Arlene’s flowers. Trumbull is not a Republican, but I’d vote for just about anyone over the incumbent.

Commissioner of Public Lands: Steve McLaughlin

Cindy: With many dead trees because of the tree boring beetle, our lands need some major work or we will have out of control wildfires for years. We need someone who will actually use this fire hazard for benefitting our schools. Yes, timber sales from public lands benefit the public schools. Then we don’t need to raise our taxes to increase funding for the schools. The other candidates don’t seem to understand this concept.

Superintendent of Public Instruction: Ron Higgins

Cindy: Ron Higgins I voted for Ron 4 years ago and he was close. He would have been a much better choice than the current Dorn. He believes in school choice, and in making the public schools good enough so they will be competitive with the other school choices. Most of the other qualified people (lots of nuts in many of these races) seem to think charter schools are the enemy. No, a lack of good education is the enemy. Vote for Ron

Insurance commissioner: Richard Schrock

Supreme Court Justice: Greg Zempel

Cindy: Greg Zempel Of the two viable candidates, Greg actually thinks people should be treated fairly. The current justice seems to think she needs to manipulate.

Levi: The State Supreme court seems to think that it runs the show in Washington State. We need a shake up.

Looking Back and Looking Forward

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Happy Independence Day!


Today, I headed over to Orcas so I could participate in the Eagle Forum Independence Day program and candidate forum. Much of the delightful program looked back at the wonderful stories and principles that make up America’s past. The Declaration of Independence was read, a recent high school graduate read a scholarship essay he wrote about his favorite constitutional amendment (the 10th), and we heard a speech going over what liberty is. Contemplating the beauty of America and her founding was a refreshing way to spend our nation’s 240th birthday.

For a moment, though, I’d like to look forward. Every election year, we again fight on the battlefield of the revolution, and choose if America will continue into the future with liberty, or will move towards the very things our founders pledged to lives, fortunes, and sacred honor to free us from.

At the national level, anti-establishment sentiment is strong. Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz, and Donald Trump are all manifestations of this trend. People feel betrayed and ignored by Washington elites who seem to have forgotten why they were sent to that city in the first place.

What gets less press is the decades-long, increasingly corrupt establishment of Democratic Party control in Washington State. The state auditor has come up for trial on charges of theft and money laundering. The PDC has found Democratic candidate violations of campaign disclosure law. The state-run hospital for the mentally ill is a mess. It is time to dis-establish this entrenched power, and replace it with fresh blood.

Where will we get this overhaul? For the sake of brevity, I give you two names: Bill Bryant and Kim Wyman (though we could talk about many more) .

Bill Bryant is running for governor, and what I love about him is his practical approach to leadership, and, having spent a little time time with him, I also love that he is a great listener (He is coming to Friday Harbor on the 12th of July, by the way!). We need someone with his leadership skills heading things up in Olympia.

The other name I want to mention is our current Washington Secretary of State, Kim Wyman. One of the most exciting things about Kim is that she want to move our primary earlier to give Washington a bigger voice in our presidential selection process. Our state needs primary reform in the worst way, and Kim is a great ally in that effort.

As far as our Presidential election, I won’t tell you how to vote, but I will urge to to consider. As I look at an increasingly aggressive Russia, a belligerent China, a destabilized Europe, and a renewal of radical Islam launching attacks on our soil, America and the world are headed for stormy waters.

Many folks are discouraged with politics right now, but the wheel of this great ship of state was meant to be piloted with the many hands of we the people. As we head into these turbulent seas, I encourage you to keep your hand on the wheel, and carefully consider who is best qualified to be our captain for the next four years.

So I urge you to vote! And while I do urge you to vote for Bill Bryant, to vote for Kim Wyman, and vote your conscience for President, America is not about politicians, but about we the people! Liberty is ours to save or keep. With God’s help, let’s save it together.

All the best, and enjoy the fireworks!

Levi Rawls

Chair, San Juan County Republican Party

Meet Your Candidates: Chris Vance for US Senate

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Meet Your Candidate

Chris Vance

The statewide Republican office seekers have been kind enough to record simple videos for us so that we can put a face to a name on the primary ballot. Our first video comes from Chris Vance who is running for US Senate. You can find more about him on his website by clicking here.

More videos coming soon!