Who Will Take the Torch?

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Back in the 90’s I wrote an editorial for the Republican newsletter with the title, “Who Will Take the Torch?”  Although that article is long ago lost, I recall the first sentence was another question:  “When the forty-somethings of today retire, who will take up the torch and continue fighting the good fight to protect our freedoms?”

At that time, I was one of those forty-somethings.  The WWII generation was starting to retire from activist politics and while staying involved in less active ways, they had entrusted the Baby Boomers with the day to day tasks of keeping the faith in our American system of government.

Today the politically correct term for my generations is “senior citizens”.  At the December Republican Party meeting I looked around the room and other than our chair, Nathanael, the rest of us were showing evidence of time passing.  Average age in the room including Nathan’s 30+ years was probably sixty-something.  The reality is my generation is getting too old to keep doing this.

So several decades later, I am asking again “Who will take up the torch with the seventy-somethings retire?”  If you are a Generation X, Generation Y or Generation Z please hear my plea… GET OFF YOUR COUCH AND GET INVOLVED.  We need your new ideas and energy.

If you are under fifty something or younger, I beg you… Make a new year’s resolution to become informed about what is going on in our nation, state and county.  If you are old enough to have kids or grand kids get them involved so they can learn now and be ready when you want to retire from being active.

We are facing some challenging times.  Conservatives are the minority in San Juan county.  Our task is to fill the role of opposition party without becoming a strident and shrill opponent.  We must not fall into the convenient trap of personal attacks, but we must make our positions clear and educate  voters.

The misinformation that socialism is a good thing has crept into our schools and our government institutions at every level.  It was blatant in the politics of the last Presidential election when Bernie Sanders, an avowed Socialist, promised to spend other people’s money to take care of people from cradle to grave.  He or someone of his same persuasion will be back in the next election.

At the county level, those of us who believe in free speech, property rights and other foundations of our liberty such as respect for the flag are sadly outnumbered.  What are you going to do about it?

Here’s a suggestion:  Come to the San Juan County Republican Meeting on Jan. 12 at the China Pearl in Friday Harbor.  The meeting begins at 11:30.  Lunch is available.  We will be electing new officers and the new chair will be looking for volunteers to help.    Volunteer for just one thing and make a difference!

Minnie Knych

Dec 1st: It’s time to Elect New Leadership

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It’s Been a Ride…


Well, the election is over. If you haven’t seen the results yet, results for the COUNTY are available here on the county elections page, for the whole state here on the Sec of State web-page. Winning (or losing) an election in the county doesn’t mean the candidate actually won (or lost), so the Secretary of State is the place to go.

Turnout was about 10% higher than 4 years ago at the same time (i.e. in the middle of the last presidential term). Republicans did very well for a midterm party that controls the presidency. But there’s no doubt we felt some pain.


Now It’s time to Elect New Leadership.


Every two years San Juan County Republican Party (SJCRP) elects new leadership to a two year term. Precinct Committee Officers elected by the public in the fall of the preceding year (in this case Fall 2018) have the right to vote.

DATE: Dec 1, 2018

LOCATION: China Pearl, Friday Harbor (upstairs)

TIME: 11:30 a.m.

WHO: Elected PCOs may vote, but all may attend. The new chairman can appoint PCOs to fill vacant slots thus filling out SJCRP’s leadership.

ANYONE may be elected to a leadership role, whether a PCO or not. If you are interested, show up!

Counties all across the state, Republicans and Democrats, are doing the same thing over the next two months.


Elected PCOs for SJC Republican Party:


101 Friday Harbor North:  Heather Christensen
102 Fridary Harbor South:  Tom Starr
12 San Juan South West:  Minnie Knych
13 San Juan Central: Michelle Loftus
14 San Juan West:  Maury Liebman
15 San Juan North:  Sidney Smith
16 San Juan East: William Hancock
24 Eastsound:  Rick Bouche
31 Lopez North:  Lynda Gerpheide

These people have the right to vote for officers, having been elected as delegates by their precincts. If you have an opinion to pass along to your PCO, contact them here.

Not all precincts have a PCO. Vacant slots can be filled by the new Chairman, to be elected on Dec 1st.

The Fall 2018 Election Post

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It’s time to Vote, Election Day is Nov 6th.


If you are registered to vote, you should have received your ballot by 10/25 (Thursday). If you did not receive it please contact the San Juan County Elections Office. Phone: 360-378-3357. Talk to Carlys or Camolyn.

Voter’s Guide (PDF)

Voter’s Guide (online version)

Sample Ballot

Looking for rules about political signs? Try MRSC “Regulating Non-Commercial Temporary Signs During Election Season

Contact your PCO or a party leader if you have questions: http://sjcrp.org/about/your-pcos/ 


Election Observers Needed

November 1, November 6, at 9 a.m.  and November 7 at 11 a.m.

email me: sjcrpchair@gmail.com


SJC Republican Party Endorsements


US Senator: Susan Hutchison (prefers Republican)

40th Leg State House: Michael Petrish (prefers Republican)


I 940: Police Training and Criminal Liability — vote NO

I 1631: Carbon Emissions Fee: — vote NO

I 1634:  Prohibit Local Taxes on Groceries measure  — vote YES

I 1639:  Changes to Gun Ownership and Purchase Requirements — vote NO

Proposition 1:  Affordable Housing Real Estate Excise Tax — vote NO

More information on Initiatives is available from the 10/3 newsletter found here. Sorry about the website formatting, the emails don’t convert very well — but the information is there.


Now for the harder races: Sheriff and Prosecuting Attorney…


The number one question party leadership gets asked is the sheriff and prosecuting attorney. The SJC Republican Party has endorsed none of the candidates. Anybody who tells you there is a clear conservative choice is just wrong.

There are many Republicans who feel strongly about each of the candidates. After the debate last Saturday those who were present discussed each of the races. This was one that generated a lot of airtime.

The Opioid crisis. The handling of a bad apple police investigator. Abby Finney’s wrongful death. Facebook time. Sheriff’s guild endorsements. Photoshopped candidate photo. Political signs. Police dogs. Lying to the council. If you have been following the local news you know how each of these issues have impacted BOTH contests. I’m not going to lay them all out.

Bad things happen in this world, some of them because of other people — that’s why we have a Sheriff and a Prosecuting Attorney. Here’s the biggest question: do you think each challenger (Nick Power and Jeff Asher) would have done a better job in dealing with each controversial issue?

If you do, then vote for change. If not, don’t.

You can read what some other conservatives are saying below.


… And Now for the Down Ballot Races


These are not official endorsements of the Republican Party. Few people have strong feelings about these candidates, but I asked some people to help me do research and here is what we got.

Judicial Court of Appeals Div. 1, District 3:  Tom Seguine  

Tom is the former chairman of the Skagit County Republican Party, but he is also very qualified.

  • Over 28 years Practicing Attorney in northwest Washington.
  • 17 years as Prosecutor in Skagit, San Juan, and Whatcom Counties.
  • 10 years private practice, mixed litigation of civil and criminal cases.
  • Litigated close to 50 appellate matters since 2007 in private practice.

Read more about Tom in the voter’s guide or on his website here.

District Court Judge:  Steve Brandli 

His opponent Carolyn Jewett is very young. She’s endorsed by the democrats. As one Republican said, “she still uses experiences from college to answer questions.” That said, she was relatively nice when I emailed with her, I’m not saying she’s a horrible person, just that she’s liberal and maybe too young for this job.

Steve Brandli is:

  • 55 years old
  • Graduated University of Washington School of Law, top 5% of class
  • 12 years practicing law in San Juan County
  • Former Deputy Prosecutor for San Juan County District Court
  • 10 years in private practice handling civil and criminal cases
  • 2 years as a public defender

Read about Steve in the voter’s guide or on his website here.

WA State Supreme Court Position 8 –

Honestly, Nathan Choi is going to get votes from Republicans because he is right wing and not funded by the left, but he does seem “out there” to me.

From HIS website: “It has recently been brought to Nathan Choi that he is being called a conspiracy theorist.  Nathan Choi stands by his position that the Titanic was intentionally sunk so that the “Creature from Jekell Island” would be enacted.  That creature being the Not so Federal Reserve.” https://www.nathanchoiforjudge.org/conspiracy-theorist/ 

Read about Nathan in the voter’s guide or on his website here.

On the other hand, his opponent is a current Supreme Court justice on one of the most wildly left-wing courts in the country. He is funded by the left.

Read about Steve in the voter’s guide or on his website here.

So, not great. This is why our state keeps having crazy court rulings.


Let’s Hear from Some Conservative Voices —


Cindy’s Picks


Editor: From Orcas Island, Cindy is one of our great thinkers and researchers. Here are her thoughts:


General Election 2018
US Senate:  Susan Hutchison
US Rep:  Brian Luke
40th Leg. District Position 1:  Michael Petrish
Judicial Court of Appeals Div. 1, District 3:  Tom Seguine
Prosecuting Attorney:  Nick Power
Sheriff:  Ron Krebbs
District Court Judge:  Steve Brandli

I 940:  NO
I 1631 NO!!
I 1634 Yes!
I 1639 NO!!
Proposition 1:  Affordable Housing Real Estate Excise Tax – NO!!! 

Long Answer:

US Rep:  Brian Luke – Not really endorsing the Libertarian, but way better than gone extremist Rick Larson.  Seems he no longer feels the need to appear to be a moderate.  Democrats are working on taking the House so they can impeach Trump.  They will do anything to get those proceedings started, even though President Trump has done an amazing job with international relationships, bringing jobs back to the US and strengthening our economy.  We need to keep the D’s from being in charge of the House!

Judicial Court of Appeals Div. 1, District 3:  Tom Seguine  Tom Seguine is not an activist judge…he will rule impartially as he has always done.  His opponent seems to be working to change the laws through judicial activism.  This is not the way our Constitution, both state and federal, is set up.  Vote for Tom Seguine to maintain our Constitution and the law of the land.

Prosecuting Attorney:  Nick Power?  Randy Gaylord’s office does not want to prosecute drug offenders, to the point where they would not even consider the case on Lopez until the Lopezians got involved and insisted.  Nick Power is a wild card….having done many things that have angered both conservative and liberal county citizens.  Would it be worth it to get rid of one for the other? We will never know unless we try, and we know what we will get if we don’t.  I recommend a vote for change!!!

Sheriff:  Ron Krebbs Ron has done an excellent job the past 4 years, gaining the respect of deputies and undersheriffs and county citizens alike.  There is some fuss in the newspapers about some disgruntled former employees and some emotional distress, but Ron is, as one citizen of the county put it, the best sheriff we have had in years!!!  So true.  Uzek Susal, well known for his straight up work on Orcas, verified in the Islands’ Sounder that 22 of the people who know the sheriff and work for him, endorse Ron Krebbs.  One endorsed his opponent…probably himself.  Vote for Ron Krebbs to keep a really great sheriff.

District Court Judge:  Steve Brandli  this is such an open and shut case it should not even be a contest.  If you look at their experience, Steve Brandli has all of the necessary experience that is needed to be a qualified judge.  His opponent is fresh out of college and currently employed by the very agency who will be coming to her for cases, the county Prosecuting Attorney’s office.  This is an easy pick, vote for Steve.

Minnie’s Picks


Editor: Minnie Knych is another respected Republican, from SJI

The San Juan County Republican Party made ballot recommendations for the initiatives and some of the races.  Here, I have added my recommendations for some of the other ballot items.  Some of these are questionable and can be argued either way.  Some were difficult “hold your nose” and mark the ballot votes.

I1631 (Carbon Emissions)  – VOTE NO

I 1634 (Prohibits taxation of raw or processed foods in groceries) VOTE YES

I 1639 (Firearms)  VOTE NO
(This is another gun grab designed to dilute the 2nd Amendment)

I 940 -(Law Enforcement)  VOTE NO
(If this passes, it will create confusion and compromise pubic safety)

Advisory Vote 19 – VOTE- REPEALED
The WA State Legislature increased the tax without the consent of the people.

Senator – Susan Hutchison

US Representative – Brian Luke (Libertarian)
(Due to the top 2 jungle primary in our state we have a D and an L as the final candidates.)

WA State Rep District 40 – Michael Petrish

WA State Supreme Court Position 8 – Nathan Choi – he is non partisan – the incumbent, his opponent is not.

Court of Appeals – Tom SeGuine

SJC Prop 1 – VOTE NO NO NO – yet another tax

SJC Prosecuting Attorney  – [no selection]

SJC Sheriff –  this is a difficult one.  I will vote for Jeff Asher.
(I like Ron Krebs as a person  but I am not happy with his stand on sanctuary county issue and we really need to do more to combat the illegal drugs in our community.)

SJC District Court Judge – VOTE Steve Brandli
(I believe he will be impartial and that he knows the law.)

A Prayer for Christians to Vote

Courtesy of Sandra Frinell

“Dear Father, I do not take lightly what You have done for our nation. I appreciate not only the right but the privilege I have to vote. I pray that I, as well as others, will use that privilege wisely, seeking Your will as we consider the qualifications of those for whom we are to vote”

Pray for Our Nation, by Keith and Megan Provance

10/17/18: Saturday events, Grievance studies

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From 10/17/18 email…. pardon the formatting — Editor


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Greetings Conservatives!
Will you stand up for Republican candidates? Or do you drive by and let them fall by the side of the road?

Events: Susan Hutchison debates Maria Cantwell, Lopez Candidate event

LOPEZ ISLAND – 3 pm on Saturday, Oct 20 – People are invited to come early to the Islander Bar to watch at least the beginning of it. It is a big Sports Day, but they agreed to dedicate 2-3 TVs in one section. We will be meeting in the North section where minors can attend. 

LOPEZ ISLAND – 4 pm on Saturday, Oct 20 – SJC Republican Party is hosting Michael Petrich, candidate for House of Representatives, and Tom SeGuine, candidate for WA State Court of Appeals. Register here.

SAN JUAN ISLAND – 3 PM on Saturday, Oct. 20 – there is a debate between Susan Hutchinson and Maria Cantrell on Channel 7 TV.  All who are interested are invited to attend a group upstairs at the China Pearl.  You can order drinks and late lunch or early dinner or just snacks while we watch.

SAN JUAN ISLAND – 2 PM on Saturday Oct. 27, there will be a memorial service for Steve Cotton at the American Legion in Friday Harbor.  Steve served in the Air Force during the Vietnam era.  Steve is a past chairman of the San Juan County Republican Party and former member of the American Legion color guard.  Please come to the American Legion at 2 PM to pay respects to his wife and family.


“Kathy and I attended the event [LWV event last week], and Michael Petrish did a fine job.  He’s definitely got our vote, and we’ve already supported his candidacy to our friends and neighbors.  He provided an excellent explanation of why the Republican Party is now the home of hard working, union skilled tradesmen like him.  It was a pleasure to hear him speak and we hope he wins.” — Captain Daniel Schwartz and Kathy Schwartz 

“Let me introduce myself. I left the Left about three years ago. We also moved from Olympia to San Juan Island around that time. People here are so far left! I have no one that I can have a good conversation with. I joined the Republican party soon after voting for President Trump. (something very few people know about me) I have never been very political in the past. I realized that we are at a critical turning point in history. We came so close to losing our country! I  have never loved a president the way I love president Trump. His courage astounds me…” -Dorie

Editor’s note: Do you have something to say? Email me, sjcrpchair@gmail.com!  I don’t have to agree with you to post it, it just has to be of interest to conservatives.

Signs at Painted Rock intersection on SJI
More signs..
Voter’s Guides went out this week. You can also find them online: https://www.sanjuanco.com/1252/Voters-Guide
Public Service Announcement —

Chicken Pox is spreading in this county, with cases on at least two islands and possibly more. Pregnant mothers should be especially cautious. Contact your doctor if you have concerns.

‘Grievance studies’ have taken over academic inquiry into race, gender, and sexuality.

“Do you think putting white and male students on the floor in chains as a form of “experiential reparations” is a good educational opportunity? How about inviting them to listen and learn in silence throughout their course? We don’t.

Within the academic fields utilizing what we’ve called “grievance studies,” however, these ideas are perfectly acceptable. We discovered this by submitting a paper on feminist educational theory to arguably the most respected feminist philosophy journal in the world, Hypatia.

We did this as a part of a year-long probe to find out how much certain political biases have taken root within a small but powerful sector of academia. Over the course of that year, we submitted 20 papers to journals that study topics of identity like gender, race, and sexuality, which we feared has been corrupted by a form of political activism that puts political grievances ahead of finding truth…”

–From USA Today, “From dog rape to white men in chains: We fooled the biased academic left with fake studies

EDITOR’S NOTE: You can read their full report in Areo magazine here. It has some content that may be explicit and/or disturbing. 

10/11/18: Petrish tonight — Friday Harbor

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From an email newsletter 10/11… pardon the formatting — Editor 

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Greetings Conservatives!

Michael Petrish, tonight

It’s short notice, but we just found out that Michael Petrish will be attending the League of Women’s Voters tonight in Friday Harbor.

The event is at 5:15 pm – 7:15 p.m. @ San Juan Island Grange 152 1st Street, Friday Harbor

He could really use some conservatives there to support him. Please consider asking a question! Usually these events are packed with Democrats.

Details – League of Women’s Voters Event 

WHERE: SJI Grange, 152 1st Street, Friday Harbor
TIME: 5:15 – 7:15 pm
WHO: All are welcome
COST: None

Many candidates will be there besides Michael Petrish and his opponent Debra Lekanoff, including Sheriff , Prosecuting Attorney, and District Court candidates.

This event has not been well advertised — there are no notices in the paper or on the website of the League of Women’s Voters (that I could find). But we do have confirmation through email from organizer Shireene Hale to Michael Petrish that it is happening.

Michael Petrish, candidate for state representative