WSRP on Easter Sunday 2017

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In an email on 4/14/2017 Susan Hutchison outlines the struggles of Christians in the Middle East. I lived there for some time, and yes, it’s a real problem. –Chairman Nathan Butler.

To all our friends celebrating Good Friday and Easter Sunday, we wish you a blessed holiday with family and friends.  As the Resurrection represents the victory of life over death, this year we are particularly mindful of those Christians around the world who are suffering persecution for their faith:

• In Egypt, where 45 Coptic Christians were killed in Islamic terrorist bombings on Palm Sunday, traditional festive Easter celebrations have been canceled.

• In Communist North Korea, many Christians are arrested and imprisoned in hard labor camps, where unknown numbers die from torture, beatings, and starvation.

• In Syria and the Middle East, ISIS has killed and captured Christians, forcing women and girls into slavery, torturing those who will not convert to Islam.

We yearn for and pray for a world where God’s justice and righteousness prevails.  Ultimately it will—That’s the promise of Easter.

“Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness’ sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” – Matthew 5:10


Susan Hutchison
Chairman, Washington State Republican Party

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Weekly email 4/14 including links

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Greetings Conservatives!
Happy Birthday Thomas Jefferson (4/13)
Happy Easter (4/16)
Our next Central Committee Meeting is 4/29
Conference room, Heritage Bank in Friday Harbor
time tbd
Chairman’s Message: 
I want to encourage people to write letters to the editor. It is one of the main reasons I include these links. You would be surprised how easy it is to get published. A political party is a coalition. It allows us to support each other to advocate for our common goals. But we don’t have to agree with each other on everything. The party helps keep us from being picked apart one at a time. On our own we make easy targets for the Democrats. I include these links so that we can support each other. 
To that end I want to say that I have been gratified to see more letters by conservatives over the last few weeks. If we are more active as a party perhaps that will give encouragement to those who speak out that they are not on their own. By including these links I hope to support those who speak out by making members aware of what is happening. 
I remember when Michelle Loftus was attacked at the end of last year and the Journal ran numerous letters that criticized her — by the time I heard about it, it was too late to do anything. I do not want to repeat that. Like anybody else, my reading of the paper was spotty (my pre chairman days…). The Journal would have published conservative letters supporting her, but few if any materialized. They did publish some stuff they probably shouldn’t have, and we had it out with the editor. But we conservatives also let her down. I hope this newsletter will help with that problem. I hope our activity level will embolden conservatives.
We need to support each other. SJCRP will do its best to provide venues for conservatives to support each other, to see that they are not alone. There are thousands of us across this county. I meet so many people who whisper to me “I’m a Republican but I don’t want to speak out because of my job…” I can understand that. Just keep in mind that we all face the same dilemma. Rarely are conservatives truly targeted for demolition, even in this county. Many prominent Republicans do just fine. There are a lot more of us than you may realize. And there is safety in standing together!
Please help us by inviting your friends to join our email list. We promise not to overuse it, and not to give it to anybody else — even the state GOP. Interested persons can join our list here.
Links: Local/State:
The Sounder ran an interesting article about waste management in SJC. Believe it or not, this has been a contentious issue many times. 
The Journal ran an article on 4/13 entitled “Public Hospital District Answers” here. It has a series of explanations about how the hospital district works. Michelle Loftus posted some comments at the end. 
The Dept of Ecology has recommended changes to the Shoreline Master Plan. These things are often a headache for conservatives and property owners. The Island Guardian reports. Along these lines, the BLM is seeking nominations for the Monument Advisory Board. Island Guardian reports. It would be amazing to have a good conservative apply for this.
Some of you may be aware that the seat left by the late State Senator Andy Reid is going to have a special election. Because control of the state senate is so close, this election effectively decides which party will control the state senate. Seattle Times reports. WSRP has issued a statement as well, reposted on our website here. On a personal note, as I am from Woodinville it is fun to see someone from my home town running!
There has been a bit of a stink made by Democrats about State Senator Erickson’s income. The Fourth Corner, a Whatcom County blog, has a blistering response, analyzing State Senator Kevin Ranker’s income. 
Don’t forget about the OPALCO election. Journal reports. 
Links: National
You may have heard that the distinguished jurist Neil Gorsuch was confirmed to the Supreme Court. The Seattle Times talks about the mild hazing of a new supreme court justice. Another article discuses why this is a revolution, albeit a quiet one (from the City Journal). It’s true that the ramifications of this appointment cannot be overstated.
A friend sent me an excellent article in Bloomberg, “How Utah Keeps the American Dream Alive,” which discusses how Utah has successfully implemented a successful, compassionate, and conservative set of policies. 
The storage of nuclear waste at Yucca mountain is just one of the many messes that the Obama administration left behind. Daily Caller reports. 
The next county council meeting is April 17th. Calendar is here
April special election is on April 25th (Lopez only)
Next SJCRP meeting is April 29th, Heritage Bank. Details forthcoming. 

45th Legislative District Special Election

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Some of you may be aware that the seat left by the late State Senator Andy Reid is going to have a special election. Because control of the state senate is so close, this election effectively decides which party will control the state senate. Seattle Times reports.

Following is the WSRP statement on this.

Exciting news!  Jinyoung Englund announced today that she is the GOP candidate for State Senate in the 45th Legislative District special election.  A Woodinville resident, Jinyoung is a graduate of the University of Washington, a tech entrepreneur, and the daughter of Korean immigrants.  Her husband is an active duty U.S. Marine officer with 17 years of service.

This seat was held by Andy Hill who tragically died last year of cancer.  Dino Rossi was appointed to serve during the current legislative session. Now a Republican victory is essential to keep our 25-24 Republican majority in the State Senate. Otherwise, Jay Inslee and his Democrats will get the INCOME TAX they want!

Will you help us defeat the Democrats by donating $25, $50, $100, $200 or more to help us elect Jinyoung Englund and hold onto to the GOP majority in the State Senate?

Learn more about our awesome candidate on her website or onFacebook or on Twitter


Susan Hutchison
Chairman, Washington State Republican Party

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Weekly Email to SJCRP 4/7/2017

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Greetings Conservatives!

Our Lincoln Day Event is Over — Until Next Year!

Herb and I had a wonderful time travelling all over the county to meet with conservatives. We had a truly remarkable turnout. We had about 70 people on Orcas, 50 on Lopez, and over 100 on San Juan Island. It has been years since we have had such a successful Lincoln Day Event. This was such a fantastic way to start a new term.

As I remarked last week, I cannot begin to know exactly why this was, but I expect that many factors contributed. I believe Herb Meyer was a significant draw, and that Donald Trump has made conservatives more hopeful. Minnie Knych, Cindy Carter, and Lynda Gerpheide all led the effort on their respective islands to make this event a successful one. Many others, too numerous to name, contributed in substantial and meaningful ways to make this a successful event — and all of you showed up!

Thank you all for contributing your time, money, and enthusiasm. Many people remarked on how good it felt to be surrounded by conservatives. I was also touched by the many of you who indicated that not only did you actually READ these emails, but that you appreciated them. This was a significant boost to me. Many people gave me their cards or otherwise expressed interest. It will take us a while to compile all the data we gathered, and we will likely be changing how we manage our email server this month, so please be patient with us.

Sound Publishing (Journal, Sounder, and the Islander) sent a reporter, Meredith Griffith to attend the event on Orcas. Her article can be found here. Our very own Barry Cave, a PCO, also reported, and you can read his report here. We have appended a short gallery of photos at the end of Barry’s article. Last week we posted Rick Boucher’s report about Orcas, reposted here.

Lopez Special Election 

On Lopez there is a special election regarding the establishment of a new hospital district on Lopez. The Islands Weekly is full of letters about it. We also posted some things on our website last week about this, including links to the voter guide (reposted here)

Letters for: Larry Eppenbach here. San Olson here. There was a lengthy guest article in the Islander that (I think) is advocating for: “How Much Does it Cost to Operate a Clinic on Lopez Island.”
Letters against: Linda Noreen here, Dan Post here.

The Republican party does not have a stance on this issue, we only ask that voters take the time to familiarize themselves with the issue. We applaud those conservatives who have voiced their concerns — it is always frightening to take a stand on something like this. I feel that the debate over this issue is much more balanced because of those who have stepped up. I believe we have failed when there is not both a “for statement” and an “opposing statement” — it is perhaps our most solemn duty to ensure that someone is watching on each and every local ballot measure. In this case, we have done our duty to ensure that the issue receives a measured analysis. Thanks especially to Linda Noreen.

The elections office tells me that they mailed out ballots on the 4th, and they are due by 8 pm on April 25th. The Lopez ballot drop box is open.

Other Links: 

Many of you have expressed concerns over the notion of “sanctuary cities.” The local papers have had numerous articles on this subject. We had an article in our ezine here on this subject, along with several links at the end to media articles on the subject. This week on April 5th the Journal published another article, entitled “County ‘Sanctuary’ Status Could Affect Federal Funding.” I have updated the links at the end of Mr. Gallagher’s article in the ezine to include this article and the one I sent out last week.

The Seattle Times has also been running lots of articles on the immigration issue. “Seattle wants $1M legal-defense fund for immigrants facing deportation” and “Immigration agents round up 84 in Washington, Oregon, Alaska

The Sounder carried an article on the 5th based on statements made by Rick Larsen at his town hall meeting here last week. You will recall, PCO Barry Cave also reported on that event last week. Many conservatives have ambivalent feelings about this subject, I don’t think anybody believes the solution is easy.

OPALCO will shortly be holding an election. The Sounder reports.

You may have heard that the state AG is suing Tim Eyman for $2.4 million (Seattle Times). I have to say, if it was almost any other AG I would be much less prone to cry foul, but I have very little confidence in Bob Fergusen. I have no idea whether the claims have validity or not.

A few of you have wondered why I don’t include more stuff about national politics. It’s because there is already plenty of national news out there. We have a competitive advantage when it comes to local and state issues, and have very little to add beyond this that is not already better covered in the national media. That doesn’t mean I don’t care, or am not interested, or will never cover national issues.

A Prayer for America:

I was deeply moved by the prayer Reverend Johnson offered at the Lopez event. Although it is not normally my habit to post prayers, I am going out on a limb here and posting this one:

“Lord, when we were young and innocent and able, we planned to change the world.

Sadly, bitterness is still flourishing, and we continue to stumble from blunder to blunder, and too many of us are hard with hate.

So today we pray, not to return to the past, but we pray for a new compassion to solve the needs of others.

Teach us endurance when we are exhausted.

Teach us to be a Party, not a bunch of critics.

Teach us to stand for what is right, not because it will pay off in the future but because it is the right thing to do at the moment.

Teach us to honor our President, and demand the very best from those we have placed in authority .

In all these things, God help us to be ministers of mercy and ambassadors of kindness,

In Jesus name, Amen.”


Thanks Again Everyone!!

Come join us for our Central Committee Meeting on April 29th (location/time TBD)

Barry Cave on the SJI Lincoln Day Dinner

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I would like to thank all those who helped make the SJCRP Lincoln Day Event a success. This was a festive event attended by a house full of active, like-minded American Patriots. I wasy lucky enough to attend the Friday Harbor event and the room was filled with an atmosphere of pride, hope, and celebration for our future in these United States of America, that we are so lucky to be citizens of.

Again, I’d like to thank all who put together these three events, your dedication and efforts are greatly appreciated and will lead to a greater and stronger nation.

To start off the night of celebration Minnie had a wonderful set of stories about legal immigrants who came in the front door, assimilated and are helping us to be a thriving country of all backgrounds.

Nathan proceeded to thank all who put the event together and told heartfelt stories of his times in Thailand in developing countries that helped mold him into a person who appreciates the freedoms we all work towards each and every day.

The main guest speaker, Her Meyer, lead us through the trials and circumstances of the Cold War, with references to events as they unfolded in a way that only someone who was actually there could speak to. To have a guest with his insight and experience to speak is nothing short of amazing.

My favorite quote was from Herb, “You can untie a knot, but you cannot unscramble an egg… President Obama was put in place to scramble the egg, and now President Trump must now do the impossible.”