San Juan County Republican Party Officers

Executive Committee

Chair: Nathan Butler or
Vice Chair: Lynda Gerpheide
Secretary and Parlimentarian: Minnie Kynch (acting)
Treasurer: Alex Gavora
State Committee Man: Rick Boucher
State Committee Woman: Cindy Carter

Republican Party Precinct Officers

The Executive committee and the PCOs make up the San Juan County Republican Party Central Committee (SJCRPCC)

101 Friday Harbor North:  Heather Christensen,*
102 Fridary Harbor South:  Sandra Frinell,
11 San Juan South East:  Open
12 San Juan South West:  Mike Gallagher,*
13 San Juan Central: Michelle Loftus,*
14 San Juan West:  Open
15 San Juan North:  Open
16 San Juan East: Nathan Butler,*
17 Turn Point: Tom Starr
21 Waldron & East Outer Is:  Open
22 Orcas West:  Open
23 Orcas Central:  Open
24 Eastsound:  Rick Boucher,
25 Orcas East:  Cindy Carter,
26 Blakely and West Outer Is:  Open
31 Lopez North:  Lynda Gerpheide,*
32 Lopez South:  Open
33 Decatur and Outer Is:  Barry Cave
41 Shaw: Levi Rawls,*

If your precinct reads “open,” we could use your help! We can appoint PCOs to vacant districts, with full authority to vote at central committee meetings. The only difference between an appointed and an elected PCO (has an asterisk) is that they cannot vote for party officers. More info on precincts can be found at the county elections website.

The Central Committee is made up of all PCOs and the Executive Board.

Countywide Precinct Map


Lincoln Day Event: Minnie Kynch
   Lincoln Day Event (Orcas): Cindy Carter
   Lincoln Day Event (Lopez): Lynda Gerpheide
Fair Booth: Michelle Loftus
Membership Mailing and Newsletter: Cindy Carter
Technology: Rick Boucher