“We have seen @GovInslee’s watered-down, no-accountability approach already, and it hasn’t done the job.”

Where @JayInslee and fellow #Democrats have consistently failed, the @WashingtonSRC is taking the lead – again.

#waleg #waelex #leadright

“Fifty-seven percent of those surveyed… gave @GovInslee a negative approval rating.”

@JayInslee’s in his 8th year as governor, he’s done nothing to fix homelessness, now he wants you to pay more at the pump – no wonder 57% of voters think he’s failing.

“Talk about an alarming example of government overreach.” @jasonrantz

…there’s not much more to add, #Democrats are going off the deep end this session with regulation and taxation.

#waelex #waleg #leadright

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@GovInslee wants the 2020guv’s race to be about whether WA wants to lead on climate change. We do. The 2020guv’s race is about whether he’s competent & whether he can lead. He’s not and he can’t. https://t.co/iuQpa6mv31

We wish Sen Liias cared as much about the people of WA state who have said NO INCOME TAX TEN TIMES, as he did about his insatiable desire to pass one. #waleg

“But video of her comments posted on the chamber’s Facebook page shows she was not misquoted while talking about her experience as one of eight people of color in the Senate Democratic Caucus.” https://t.co/I2k5glG265

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Today, on the House floor, we joined the nation in honoring the profound legacy of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Reps. Alex Ybarra and Jesse Young provided our floor speeches on Resolution 4647. Learn more about Dr. King’s extraordinary life here: https://t.co/KewGnYna0H

From the @WSJ editorial board: Inslee’s Climate of Illegality — A court says Washington’s Governor can’t impose cap and trade by fiat. https://t.co/3aafZwVKp0 #waleg

In the first 2020 edition of The Current: Opening-day ceremonies, Republicans respond to the governor’s State of the State, Republican legislative priorities, and the new Washington State Ledger https://t.co/vwByksid3D #waleg

House Republican Leader J.T. Wilcox recaps the first week of the 2020 legislative session and discusses a number of House Republican priorities centered on safety, affordability and accountability. Watch it here: https://t.co/wg46rk9lih #waleg

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