Sick of being stuck in Jay Inslee’s version of Groundhog day?

Then sign the petition to tell him to stop this two week pause:

“Now, these same Democrats are saying the same thing we have been saying: Jay Inslee is making arbitrary decisions that are not based in science and we need legislative oversight…” – Chairman Heimlich

Full release:

As we have said for 15 months. @GovInslee has been making arbitrary decisions that benefit his political allies and friends. He makes exceptions to the plan when it would force King and Snohomish Counties to roll back, but refused to grant the same exception to Pierce County.

Every single Democrat on this letter had the chance to vote for bills that would have reformed our state’s emergency powers, giving Legislators more oversight and they failed to do so. Still, this letter illuminates the fact that @GovInslee is NOT “following science.” #waleg

Brandi Kruse@BrandiKruse

Here is the final letter, with signatures, sent to Governor Inslee today. The end result was bipartisan. 2

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And just like that, with a single-vote margin (25-24) and bipartisan opposition, an income tax passes off the Senate floor. Not an excise tax…an income tax. Something Washingtonians have voted down 10 times and still oppose according to a recent Elway Poll. #NoIncomeTax #waleg

For months conservatives have criticized WA Gov Inslee’s handling of the pandemic. But now even some Democrats are exasperated at the pace of reopening. As are some local officials. Here’s our story: #COVID19 #wagov #waleg

Part 2: Braun’s SB 5114 would reopen Washington’s bars and restaurants and trust them to operate under safety guidelines. And provide a place to connect that is less risky than in our own homes. #waleg

You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout I’m telling you why, Santa Claus is coming to town. @NoradSanta helps you track his progress here: #ChristmasEve #NoradTracksSanta #waleg

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From @Q13FOX: Republican State Rep. Andrew Barkis joins This Morning to discuss a bipartisan letter sent to Governor Jay Inslee threatening a special legislative session. Watch here: #waleg

From @Q13FOX: House Minority Leader J.T. Wilcox, R-Yelm, said in a statement that he wishes Democrats had worked with his party to put checks and balances on the governor’s emergency powers during the regular session. #waleg

During a Republican media availability on April 21, House Republican Leader J.T. Wilcox said he’d be willing to go into a special session if it meant passing emergency powers reform. Watch the exchange here: #waleg

From @thenewstribune: Gov. Jay Inslee’s announcement to pause the “Roadmap to Recovery” phase shift has frustrated Pierce County elected officials, who say there shouldn’t be a double standard for other counties. #waleg

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