For those who can’t be in front of a television tonight, it will be streamed on and there will be a link on Facebook, Eric Johnson KOMO.

#DemocratTaxapolooza John & Susan from Tacoma make $80K/yr & their home is worth $400K. They’ll see an $844/yr increase prop taxes. Add in the energy tax, gas tax, payroll tax for long-term care and they will pay an addt’l $2,204 in taxes. Even more as business owners. #waleg

“Layering on additional, unsustainable spending and further burdening employers could prove short-sighted” – @KrisJohnson_IOM, @awbolympia President and Steve Mullin, @waroundtable President.

In the first part of House Republican Leader J.T. Wilcox’s weekly review: a low carbon fuel standard bill that would drive up the cost of gas and goods while having little impact on the environment, and some wins for small business owners and the self-employed. Watch now. #waleg

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Twice now we have soundly rejected an energy tax, but they don’t care what you think. This is what they want — and they’ll get it unless we fight back, hard!

Help us get the truth to voters by sharing our calculator right now.

“After ten failures, rather than take that as an indication that perhaps Washington shouldn’t have an income tax, Senate Democrats have looked through their tea leaves and read that it’s time to wage a disinformation campaign.”

ALERT! Senator Emily Randle wants to ELIMINATE your private health care plan. She is the prime sponsor and aggressively pushing with Seattle Democrats for a vote on SB 5822 — single payer health care. Please call…

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.@seattletimes editorial: “For WA to show leadership on climate change & build support for costly new carbon-reduction programs, the state must do a better job explaining how they’ll affect taxpayers.” #waleg

Rep. Gina Mosbrucker: “It’s frustrating when politics gets in the way of good policy, this is really good policy. Our job is the be here, to be a voice, to listen and to help.” A story from @EssexKIRO7: #waleg

A story from @seattletimes about a bill that would begin to bring broadband to underserved areas of our state. Rep. Ed Orcutt: This is “a very, very small drop in the bucket of solving the problem.” #waleg

.@seattletimes editorial: “Crack down on repeat drunken drivers.” Read full piece here, which mentions how Rep. Brad Klippert’s House Bill 1504 could be amended in the Senate to bring about needed reform: #waleg

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