I’m sorry the taxpayers of Washington State are an inconvenience to the State Democratic Party and their elected officials. Dismissing their concerns is not a good look. #waelex https://t.co/fB5cUl7ned

NEW: Gov. Inslee has declined to reimburse the Washington State Patrol’s costs from his presidential campaign, saying that all governors are entitled to such protection. (via @OlympiaJoe)

“Between March and June, @GovInslee’s State Patrol security detail racked up travel and overtime expenses totaling more than $580,000.”


“The two-term governor has declined to reimburse the State Patrol’s costs from his presidential campaign.”

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House Republican Leader J.T. Wilcox:

“I like to talk to the regular people – the businesses, the folks that work. Go to some of the events that make people proud of their cities and small towns.” #waleg


A state government success story in the @GHDailyWorld: State Archives and Library awarded for saving artifacts from Aberdeen Armory fire https://t.co/yfn9CPhb42 #waleg

Rep. Luanne Van Werven w/ Sens. Shelly Short & Ann Rivers in the @seattletimes: “While we don’t anticipate that Alaska’s hatchery model can be replicated quickly in Washington, we saw that it can be done. This is why we recommend a pilot project …” https://t.co/BW6E8nGlET #waleg

In the August edition of The Current: Democrats elect Rep. Laurie Jinkins Speaker of the House, the push for new taxes on income, incentivized housing solutions, the health of Puget Sound, and recent headlines. https://t.co/PSYGxpVzYy #waleg

From @nwNewsNetwork: “To reduce overtime & keep up w/Inslee’s intense travel schedule, WSP has nearly doubled the size of EPU…The additional staffing will cost an estimated $4M over the next 2 yrs, presuming Inslee stays in the race into next year.”https://t.co/Ba8zip9k7C #waleg

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