With @GovInslee running for a third term on the same failed polices we’ve seen from #Democrats in the past, we’ve had activists already working to elect a #Republican governor in 2020!

Sign up today and help make a difference👉 https://t.co/ebYl4fJeFA

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Another Grassroots Training in the books!

Great turnout in #Seattle – sign up today for a training near you 👉 https://t.co/vmWGC5wf1H

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“A new study has confirmed what most local residents already know – Seattle is one of the worst places to drive in the United States.”

Outrageous gas taxes – ✔️
Horrible commute times – ✔️
Ridiculous car tabs – ✔️

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I remain committed to protecting mothers all across our country and here in Southwest Washington – this is a great first step. https://t.co/okn2lloEPJ

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@GovInslee wants the 2020guv’s race to be about whether WA wants to lead on climate change. We do. The 2020guv’s race is about whether he’s competent & whether he can lead. He’s not and he can’t. https://t.co/iuQpa6mv31

We wish Sen Liias cared as much about the people of WA state who have said NO INCOME TAX TEN TIMES, as he did about his insatiable desire to pass one. #waleg

“But video of her comments posted on the chamber’s Facebook page shows she was not misquoted while talking about her experience as one of eight people of color in the Senate Democratic Caucus.” https://t.co/I2k5glG265

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Less than one month to apply to be a #waleg intern for the 2020 session! What’s holding you back? Apply today at https://t.co/b1Ou5MtNlx.

Nearly 1,000 employers have hired 4,242 veterans since Rep. Gina Mosbrucker’s YesVets legislation passed in 2016. Mosbrucker discusses how more employers can get involved.

For more information, visit https://t.co/ijSfWWTqTE. @YesVets #waleg

From @thenewstribune: Does mistake in legal briefings blow hole in Sound Transit’s car-tab case? https://t.co/pvkPiPNCbA #waleg #ST3

“A few months after inking the extension, Inslee began to rail against ‘corporate extortion’ and ‘blackmail’ in the name of jobs, lamenting how every state could be stung like Washington.” https://t.co/lDfwcs8IPh #waleg

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