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Dear Fellow Conservative:

The Agricultural Tax Advisory Committee. Housing Bank Commission. Noxious Weed Control Board. Open Space Advisory Team. Stormwater Waste Advisory Committee. One thing these all have in common is that they have trouble even keeping a full board, much less oversight from the community.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg! OPALCO, Hospital districts, library boards, even the county council—all regularly go unobserved. Local reporters struggle to post even a handful of articles each week, typically ignoring much of what happens.

This leaves us: your local Republican Party. We are the watchers. Not only do we watch, but we fight for conservative principles and report back to you. Your party leadership is no less subject to liberal retaliation than any of you, but we do it anyway. There are several ways to support the mission of the Republican Party:

  • People often complain “I didn’t hear about it!” Add yourself to our email list: email me at Our website is updated often. This allows us to coordinate conservative efforts.
  • Mail in membership dues or pay using the box to the left
  • Attend our yearly Lincoln Day Event (March or April)

This support allows us to accomplish our conservative goals: to hold candidate events, communicate with our membership, run a thriving website, publish articles of import, and various other outreach activities such as our fair booth.

In particular, we’d like to hold some events over the next year that are affordable for young families, and will work to include all of the islands in our outreach. We appreciate your support!

Best Regards,
Nathan Butler
Chairman, SJC Republican Party