Americans are facing endless crises under Democrat one-party rule in Washington:

鈥淥nly 16% of Americans think we are on the right track鈥very day for the last ten days we set a new record..for gasoline prices鈥攖he highest its ever been鈥 鈥 @GOPLeader

WATCH @RepStefanik on the #BidenBorderCrisis 猬囷笍

鈥淭hey have NO operational control over the border鈥he American people are so frustrated with the absolute failure & dereliction of duty not only of Sec. Mayorkas鈥ut of Joe Biden鈥ho has yet to ever visit the southern border鈥

MUST-READ from @RepKatCammack on standing with America鈥檚 law enforcement:

鈥淭he radical left鈥檚 culture war against our men and women in blue has driven policy decisions around law enforcement, creating a public safety crisis of epic proportions.鈥

The Biden administration allowed the baby formula crisis to worsen for months.

鈥淢others are being told to go to websites, or to drive hours, or to try formula that might make their babies sick鈥hen are we going to see formula in the mouths of babies?鈥 鈥 MSNBC鈥橲 Mika Brzezinski

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President Biden鈥檚 Interior Secretary refused to admit gas prices are too high. This administration is in denial. It鈥檚 been ten straight days of record-high gas prices for Americans.

The Department of the Interior has done everything possible to shut down oil & gas. @POTUS says he wants his administration to encourage more American energy. Instead @Interior stalls, postpones, & kills oil and natural gas lease sales.

馃毃WATCH馃毃 I just secured a MAJOR commitment from Biden鈥檚 Energy Secretary.

@SecGranholm: 鈥淭he United States will not be importing any oil from Iran or Venezuela.鈥 馃憖猬囷笍

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