Dems' one-sided Impeachment Resolution restricted the White House from presenting its case to the House Intelligence Committee.

During the Clinton impeachment inquiry lawyers were given 30 hrs to defend the Pres. before the Committee.

Stop the Madness—text “MADNESS” to 80810.

Dems haven't gotten over the 2016 election. They know they can't beat Pres. Trump in 2020, so they continue to push this impeachment charade.

America chose @realDonaldTrump for his #AmericaFirst agenda! He is making good on his campaign promises—& he'll do it again in 2020!

There is *bipartisan* opposition to Pelosi and Schiff’s impeachment charade.

Even Democrat Rep. Jeff Van Drew says that it is “fracturing the nation.”


“New data from the Republican National Committee shows Americans are feeling the benefits of having President Trump in office. Voters in three key battleground states – NH, MI & PA – say they are better off financially today than they were 3 years ago.”

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Buckeye’s farmers and ranchers have been faithfully putting food on our tables for years. Now, we need to pass the #USMCA so they can continue to thrive.

America’s farmers and ranchers want trade certainty, not an impeachment circus. It’s time to move forward with America first trade and pass USMCA now. - @SenJohnBarrasso

To the detriment of the American people, Dems have spent most of the past year focused on their political agenda instead of legislating.
They’ve slow-walked confirmations, blocked vital military funding, & continued to drag their feet on important priorities like #USMCA.

While Democrats continue to focus on impeachment, important work isn’t getting done:
❌ USMCA Trade Deal
❌ Appropriations bills to fund the government
❌ National Defense Authorization Act
❌ Legislation to lower health care & prescription drug costs

Washington Democrats in the House and the Senate cannot simply stop legislating because of one hearing in the House. The American people deserve progress: Funding for the national defense. Key legislation to support our armed forces. The USMCA and the new jobs it would create.

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Biggest takeaway from the first 3 Schiff Show public hearings this past week: None of these Dem star witnesses are aware of any impeachable offenses, confirming for America what we already knew.

This. This is the impeachment that Democrats have spent the last three years working on. ↓

Hours of hearsay from handpicked witnesses that have never even met the president.

Schiff controls who testifies.

Schiff controls how Republicans use our question time.

Schiff controls what gets released from his secret depositions.

Schiff shuts out witnesses who would contradict his one-sided narrative.

This is what Pelosi is calling fair? It's a sham.

Morrison testified that:

-The transcript of the call is accurate
-He was concerned about leaks
-There was absolutely nothing improper or illegal on the call


.@Repstefanik is a young, powerful, conservative woman—and Democrats are threatened by that. They are resorting to slander and fake, photoshopped images to try to damage her character.

It will not work. → Retweet if you are on #TeamElise.

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