Members of the Democrat Party have been apologists for Cuba’s communist regime for decades.

Many of them “don’t want to go hard” on the Cuban regime because they agree with their socialist agenda.

Democrats should stand on the side of freedom, not communism.

Opposition to Stone-Manning, @JoeBiden’s @BLMNational nominee, is not about Rs vs Ds—it’s about her obstruction of a federal investigation into a tree-spiking crime & lack of remorse.

Even Obama’s BLM Director believes her past “should disqualify” her.

All @EnergyGOP R’s agree.

1,500 illegal immigrants are entering our country undetected every day.

Apprehensions at the border are at a 21-year high.

The Biden border crisis isn’t seasonal. Biden’s open border policies created this crisis.

Thousands of Cubans are bravely fighting against their island’s Communist regime, risking their lives to call for freedom.

The Biden administration’s response was to slow-walk taking strong action in defense of the Cuban people.

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“Vaccinated Americans are more likely to die from a lightning strike than covid. Don’t bring back restrictions.”

Vaccines work and vaccinated Americans should not have to wear masks.

By forcing vaccinated Americans to return to masks, the Biden administration is not only casting doubt on a safe and effective vaccine but contradicting why vaccines exist.

The latest irresponsible spending bill from the Democrats is yet another far-left wish list which would strip away critical pro-life provisions like the Hyde Amendment and weaken immigration laws. This bill would be a disaster for our country.

Why are House Democrats shielding drug dealers?

Earlier this morning, I joined @GOPLeader, @SteveScalise, @RepStefanik, and other @HouseGOP colleagues to talk about the security posture of the Capitol Complex on 1/6 and how the security structure of the U.S. Capitol is set up to fail.

You can watch my full remarks below:

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How can the men and women of @BLMNational– people who have devoted their lives to this agency – how can they respect @POTUS’ nominee, Tracy Stone-Manning, when they know she threatened their colleagues at the @forestservice?

About 50,000 migrants who crossed the southern border illegally have now been released in the United States without a court date.

They’re told to report to an ICE office.

So far, 87% haven’t.


.@SpeakerPelosi has basically said that there will not be a penny for roads, bridges, ports, or airports, unless, and until the Senate passes an increase in taxes and spending on the American people. What she is proposing is bad for the economy and the country.

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