WATCH: @DHSMcAleenan detailed the reforms our immigration system needs to put an end to the border crisis. ⬇️

“The President and his Administration requested funding -- supplemental funding -- just two weeks ago to help with the humanitarian crisis at the border. Democrats have still failed to do that.” -@PressSec

Joe Biden recently made a huge shift to the left on a fundamental issue – a move that received almost zero coverage from mainstream media.

Passage of the USMCA will be critical for the U.S. manufacturing sector AND will be a HUGE win for 12 MILLION American manufacturing workers!

“To each of you, you represent the unity, devotion, teamwork and swift action that makes America’s law enforcement the best and bravest anywhere in the world.” -@realDonaldTrump

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Right after votes tonight, I took the #crackcancer challenge with a little help from @BenSasse. Now up: @brahmresnik @dennis_welch @michaelcrow @UofAPres @RepOHalleran. Thx for the challenge @MacandGaydos. Together we are raising awareness of #cancer.

House Democrats held a hearing today on a one-size-fits-all health care system. The @USCBO recently issued a report raising warning signs about government-run health insurance, including longer lines, higher taxes and lower quality care.

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Today I asked unanimous consent to bring the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act for a vote. Sadly, for the 49th time, House Democrats refused to consider the bill that would require health care practitioners care for a baby that’s survived a botched abortion.

I just offered the Motion to Recommit to make the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau more accountable—accountable to Congress and accountable to the American people.

I fully support Congressional action to end the crisis on our southwest border. I encourage my colleagues across the aisle to approve President Trump’s funding request so we can help put an end to the humanitarian, drug, and human trafficking crisis on our southwest border.

Whether you call it "Medicare for All" or socialized medicine, some believe that giving the federal government complete control over the financing of our #healthcare would somehow end well for us.

It would not.


The Democrats’ plans for mass amnesty would not only fuel the crisis at the border, it fails to close the loopholes in our immigration system. It will not protect this country. It will not end suffering at the border.

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