The @GOP made a multimillion-dollar investment to continue our engagement efforts in Hispanic communities.

We have opened more than 20 Hispanic community centers to connect with voters across the United States.

Americans overwhelmingly disapprove of the job Joe Biden is doing.

Biden has let down Americans time and time again with his reckless spending, higher taxes, and unsafe communities.

Now seized in 18 states, Mexican drug cartels are targeting our children with rainbow fentanyl. The leading cause of death among 18-45 is the drug that continues pouring across our southern border; the same border Kamala Harris tells us is secure.

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The nonpartisan @USCBO estimates the price tag for Biden’s student loan scheme is $400 billion.

Following through with this decision signals a willingness by the President to sell out Americans who paid back their loans or never attended college to fund others’ college degrees.


CBO estimates that the cost of outstanding student loans to the federal government will increase by about $400 billion because of an executive action canceling some debt.

America under total Democrat rule:
❌Record-high inflation
❌Record-high illegal border crossings
❌Record-high murder rates

Republicans’ Commitment to America:
✅An economy that’s strong
✅A nation that’s safe
✅A future built on freedom
✅A government that’s accountable to YOU

The @HouseGOP Commitment to America is about ensuring government works for you, not against you. That means unleashing American energy, repealing Democrat funding for 87K IRS officers, and ending reckless spending.

.@HouseGOP’s Commitment to America is about working toward:

✅ A Government That’s Accountable

✅ A Future That’s Built on Freedom

✅ A Nation That’s Safe

✅ An Economy That’s Strong

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Nearly 70% of Americans are looking for more work to fight #BidenFlation.

I can envision the Biden White House spinning this as a positive problem.

Mutual & index fund managers vote the shares of millions of American retirement savers on their behalf—often in support of unpopular, left-wing causes. Last week, I pressed American bank CEOs on Americans’ retirement savings being hijacked to support a left-wing ESG agenda.

Sen. Hawley to introduce bill empowering states to deport illegal immigrants

Democrat spending has caused inflation to skyrocket— now 71% of Americans say their salaries aren’t keeping up with inflation.


President Biden’s open border policy is deeply inhumane.

There have been 267,000 unaccompanied minor encounters at the southern border since Biden took office.


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