Joe Biden has been in Washington since 1973.

In all that time, has he ever been to the southern border?

He’s created a historic border crisis as a result of his open border policies.

Joe Biden and his administration have no plan to address the border crisis.

Each month the number of illegal immigrants crossing the border is in the hundreds of thousands & he has done nothing except make it worse.

Biden’s border czar Kamala Harris is supposed to oversee the border.

She has been hiding out instead of confronting this crisis head on.

Ahead of tomorrow’s debate, just a reminder that in Phil Murphy’s New Jersey, folks pay more in taxes over a lifetime than anywhere else in the nation.

Jersey cannot afford four more years of this nightmare. It’s time to Fix New Jersey with @Jack4NJ!

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Democrats are attempting to push through a spending bill that would raise taxes, send inflation skyrocketing, and take money away from American families. We need to put a stop to their socialist spending spree.

MAKE NO MISTAKE; a vote for this so-called “infrastructure” bill is also a vote for the House Democrats’ reckless $4.3 TRILLION tax and spend spree.

Democrats can’t tell you exactly what’s in the bill.

They can’t tell you exactly how much it’ll cost.

And they won’t say how much taxes will go up.

But they want a vote on it this week.

This is “we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it” all over again.

Americans are paying more for just about everything because of House Democrats’ out-of-control spending.

📈Beef and Veal are UP 12.2%
📈Salad Dressing is Up 8.7%
📈Chicken is UP 7.2%
📈Apples are UP 5.6%

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Democrats are currently insisting on a debt ceiling increase that would provide the borrowing authority to cover the dangerous, unprecedented, reckless tax-and-spending spree that they are trying to force through on a strictly party-line basis.

Instead of working on clean, bipartisan legislation to fund the federal government & avoid a shutdown, Democrats forced a vote on a bill that ties government funding to a two-year suspension of the debt limit that will enable Democrats’ $3.5 trillion reckless tax-and-spend bill.

The Democrats’ $5.5 TRILLION tax-and-spending spree:
❌ $78 BILLION tax increases on small businesses
❌ More raging inflation
❌ Tax increases on middle-income families
Their reckless spending will destroy the American Dream.

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