Another winning week for Republicans!

Tune into the Republican Week to see what you might have missed this week.

.@GOPChairwoman BLASTS another failed Biden jobs report. Democrat polices are leaving Americans behind.

Proud to give my friend and partner in the fight to bring Republican victories across the country, @GOPChairwoman, the @NRSC Champion for Freedom Award.

There is no one more deserving of this award!


Biden consistently puts America, American interests, and our allies last.

It’s time to return to a foreign policy that looks out for our interests first and foremost.

The November jobs report was the worst jobs report of Biden’s presidency.

Americans deserve better!

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“Migrants from all over world cross southern border in record numbers”

When every liberal outlet reports on this month’s abysmal jobs report, you know Biden’s economy is a complete disaster.

Leftist policies = Total failure

Hats off to @EnesFreedom for standing firm on his outspoken stance against Communist China, as many of his NBA colleagues continue to operate under a double standard — standing mute against the atrocities committed by the CCP.

The soaring cost of living in #CA25 is a direct result of bad policies. The @HouseDemocrats & @POTUS have made the problem worse through their massive government spending bills & incentivizing people not to return to work.

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My constituents can’t condone the aspect of BBB that would give more authority & a tenfold increase in the budget to snoop on Americans & invade our privacy. I questioned @SecYellen on this planned increase in IRS enforcement funding to pay for their big-gov-socialism programs.

This is still a terrible idea and an unprecedented invasion of Americans’ privacy.
@NYTimes headline ➡️ Janet Yellen still supports making banks give the I.R.S. new customer data.

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