🚨This is the highest number since February 2001.🚨

The crisis at our border is REAL.

“Mexican cartels have been aggressively pushing meth into the U.S. market, including places like the Northeast, where the stimulant was once relatively scarce, Drug Enforcement Administration agents said.”

A quick recap of Elizabeth Warren’s disastrous handling of the last several months…

Don’t forget: Elizabeth Warren’s entrance into the presidential race has been marred by a disastrous few months of self-inflicted mistakes, public apologies, and flubbed announcements – a clear sign to Americans that she would make a dreadful president.

With her failed policy proposals of hiking taxes and giving the government control of health care, it’s clear that voters are less than enthused about Elizabeth Warren’s waning 2020 bid.

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“Passing the Green New Deal would send America off the economic cliff and greatly expand the federal government’s power over our lives.”

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Chairman @SenJohnBarrasso in @EnergyDialogue: “The #USEITAct would encourage the commercial use of man-made carbon dioxide emissions & support the use of carbon capture technology, including direct air capture.” https://t.co/LMsf2OTdrM

Pro-jobs Republican policies are opening more opportunity for American workers.

For the FIRST TIME on record, there are now 1 MILLION MORE job openings than job seekers.

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Math is hard, but the #GreenNewDeal just doesn't add up.

Will @SenateDems go on the record to support this proposal?

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"The strong job market is already pushing up wages more quickly, with hourly wages rising in February at the fastest pace in nine years."


Uh Oh.
Dem’s arguments against #TaxReform continue to erode: 4 out of 5 workers will pay less in taxes because of GOP #TaxCuts and STILL the government collected $16 billion MORE in February 2019 than Feb last year. #TheMoreYouKnow

Environmental policy makes up **only 15%** of the #GreenNewDeal. Learn more in #BudgetBuster ⤵️https://t.co/6S6F2HgXe9

The district work period started with interviews at @wsls, @WDBJ7, @WFXRnews, and @WFIR. The work period is an opportunity to update area residents on work in Washington and listen to their views, which I look forward to taking back to the Capitol. #va06


Don’t Believe Michael Cohen.

The Democrats’ star witness has testified twice before Congress. He’s lied twice before Congress. He can’t be trusted on anything.

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