The Bidenflation scam could mean almost 1 million new audits per year of Americans making under $200,000.

What Democrats voted for last night in addition to #Bidenflation: They voted for an energy tax, against unleashing American energy, against border security, and to keep dangerous criminals out of jail.

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1.7 MILLION people have illegally crossed our border so far this year.

We should be hiring more Border Patrol agents—NOT 87,000 new IRS agents like the Schumer-Manchin bill does.

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We’re feeling 40-year high inflation, decreasing wages, and a plummeting GDP, and what do Democrats want to do? Only increase the financial burden on businesses & families everywhere.

Their tax & spend package shows just how out of touch they are with Americans.

Democrats’ “inflation reduction” bill:

➡️ Increases taxes in a recession

➡️ Increases manufacturing costs during a supply chain crisis

➡️ Spends hundreds of billions during record inflation

➡️ Drives up gas & energy prices further

➡️ Doubles the IRS to go after YOU!

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Senate Democrats unanimously voted today to give the IRS another $80 BILLION to audit more families & small businesses & take even more of your money.

$80 BILLION. That’s more money than the entire annual budget of 45 states…

Democrats are as detached from economic reality as they are from the truth.

The Orwellian named “Inflation Reduction Act” will do no such thing. It will worsen inflation, supercharge the IRS to go after American families and likely drive the cost of energy up rather than down.

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