“Indeed, the role of secretary of state has changed…And Wyman has stayed at the forefront, maintaining the integrity she has demonstrated while overseeing 120 elections…”

Thank you to @thecolumbian for your trust and endorsement!


Update: a number of House Democrat members are “strongly considering” bucking Nancy Pelosi and working with me to help our nation’s small businesses.

You better believe I’ll keep the pressure going on this effort.

“Students were even encouraged to donate to bail-funds that have recently been tied to helping release an accused child rapist.” @jasonrantz

You can’t make this up. At the very same time Seattle’s City Council is attempting to defund the men and women who keep us safe, they’re spending $150,000 to fund a “Street Czar.” https://komonews.com/news/local/new-city-contract-with-seattle-street-czar-under-scrutiny

More questions go unanswered because @GovInslee refuses to call a special session.

@JayInslee is failing Washingtonians.

#IncompetentInslee #leadright

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If we’re going to treat the official state revenue forecasts as merely informational instead of the basis for the state’s various budget requirements, should we just eliminate all of them except for the November one? #waleg

Washington Employment Security Department paid fraudulent claims on its own employees who were still employed. #waleg https://www.krem.com/mobile/article/news/investigations/washington-employment-security-dept-paid-fraudulent-claims-on-its-own-employees/281-dcdcab28-7e1d-47bc-9fc4-98936da6098f?fbclid=IwAR1H2yT6MdQosS9CqR8wzvecwR33A4bvHv6V5sOOAB7ExtrPPE03yrfjyMk

It is sickening how @GovInslee is using devastating wildfires for political purposes. Don’t miss the audio in our Big Lead at 12:06 @DoriMonsonShow @KIRORadio

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From @Crosscut: “As Washington state pushes through the pandemic, a shortage of child care options forces parents and providers to make difficult choices.” Story: http://ow.ly/Grtt50BqpI8 #waleg

If you want timely and official information on wildfires in the Pacific Northwest, please visit this blog from the Northwest Interagency Coordination Center. http://nwccinfo.blogspot.com/ #waleg

Air quality continues to be an issue across Washington state. For the latest information on wildfire smoke, including an air monitoring map, please visit this website: https://wasmoke.blogspot.com/ #waleg

From @seattletimes: The status of major wildfires in Washington state. Updates: http://ow.ly/tuMl30r9blW #waleg

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