REET abused by Land Bank

In 2011 continued funding for the Real Estate Excise Tax or REET (which is distributed to the Land Bank) passed by just 2.8%. The votes were 4,168 yes to 3,726 no. On San Juan Island it failed 1,565 no to 1,440 yes. Using that tax, the Land Bank has purchased over SIXTY million dollars worth of real property and millions more in easements. The Land Bank has had a 30 year run that’s removed over SIXTY million dollars of property off the tax roles. We think that’s enough

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Wa State Republican Candidate Zoom Statements.  

A Zoom Meeting was held and each Candidate was given time to speak.  The following Candidates were recorded.  

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Referendum 90: Stop the Sex Education Law

Let Kids Be Kids!

We only have until June 10 to gather the 129,811 signatures!



This is what happens when you don’t have a proven elections administrator like Secretary of State @KimWyman12 overseeing your elections and rush to meet the demands of activists.

Vote @KimWyman12, along with Republicans up and down the ticket before August 4!


Ronna McDaniel@GOPChairwoman

New York’s primary election occurred 40 DAYS ago.

We are STILL waiting for results.

It is totally unacceptable, and why we cannot afford a rushed transition to mass mail-in voting.

Reasonable, moderate Washington State Democrat voters – vote Republican and help us enact common sense policies that benefit our communities and let’s put an end to this lawlessness.

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Senate dems and liberals supporters made a political attack against a business group which used a black and white photo of an African American Democrat candidate and a color photo of the Republican candidate.

BREAKING: Gov. Inslee announces tighter restrictions on bars, restaurants, weddings and funerals in Washington state.

Thanks to our WA farmers who have stepped up during pandemic to help those in need by donating 2.4 million surplus pounds of food to food banks. #waleg

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If you care about access to affordable broadband for residents across our state, please visit this @WAStateCommerce website to learn more about the issue. #waleg

From @KIRO7Seattle: Some doubtful backlog of unemployment claims will be cleared Friday. Watch here:

From the @seattletimes: “(Seattle Police Chief Carmen) Best said 59 officers were injured during the weekend protests.” Full story:

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals rejected an appeal by former Washington state Auditor Troy Kelley who sought to have his 2017 convictions for possession of stolen property, filing false tax returns & making false statements overturned. Story: #waleg

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