Newsletter Correction – October 2022 Edition


Regarding Ranked Choice Voting.

Newsletter Correction:  The newsletter was already published when a correction was found.  In the “Reject Proposition 3, Ranked Choice Voting” the first line should have read: “After failing in committee, Kevin Ranker and Sharon Abreu brought back Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) to the County Charter Review Commission, where the majority did pass it.”  A presentation was made by both sides to the entire Charter Review Committee after the motion had failed in committee due to lack of a second to the motion.

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VOTE NO or REJECT on Rank Choice Voting
Important Announcement!          September 13, 2022

San Juan County Seeks Planning Commissioners

Conservatives! Apply now! Two positions are open on San Juan County’s Planning Commission… Read on

A beloved Seattle restaurant was hit for the 18th time and an English teacher in California pretends she’s fighting racism when she’s the actual racist. I broke it down on @FaulknerFocus with @HARRISFAULKNER.

Our Power Washington plan is a holistic measure that balances our environment with affordability. Power Washington focuses on strengthening our energy grid and reducing energy costs, while having realistic climate targets. #waleg


Today we honor and remember the brave men and women who lost their lives on December 7, 1941, in the attack on Pearl Harbor. This day will always be a reminder of the courage and sacrifice of those who fought (and fight) to protect our great country. #PearlHarborDay

Millions of illegal crossings and hundreds of Americans dying daily from fentanyl pouring over the border are not important enough for President Biden to pay attention to the border crisis.

In 28 days, Republicans won’t let him ignore his destructive policies any longer.

VIDEO: Republican senators unveil ‘Power Washington’ energy plan… Energy package focuses on seven major goals, including keeping energy costs low. #waleg #ReturnAffordability


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Sen. Lynda Wilson: Costly new budget just signed by @GovInslee just made WA a more regressive place to live. People would have been far better off with the Republican approach…which offered tax relief, not new/higher taxes. #waleg #Washington #taxapalooza

Jay Inslee on signing carbon legislation which has conservatively been estimated by respected consulting firms to raise the cost of gas by 95 cents/gal by 2028: “Don’t let anyone give you that swill that it is going to increase prices.” 2:07 pm 5/17/21 #waleg

And just like that, with a single-vote margin (25-24) and bipartisan opposition, an income tax passes off the Senate floor. Not an excise tax…an income tax. Something Washingtonians have voted down 10 times and still oppose according to a recent Elway Poll. #NoIncomeTax #waleg

For months conservatives have criticized WA Gov Inslee’s handling of the pandemic. But now even some Democrats are exasperated at the pace of reopening. As are some local officials. Here’s our story: #COVID19 #wagov #waleg

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Today, we honor the brave service members and civilians who lost their lives in the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. We will always remember the sacrifices made on and after this day in defense of our country.  
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Capitol Buzz: WA state has low electricity prices. Will it stay that way?; State legislature looks to revise WA’s drug possession law; Policy groups blast, praise early capital gains tax collection; Rail strike to be averted: Biden to sign bill. #waleg

Capitol Buzz: What’s next for WA’s drug possession law?; GOP releases ‘Power Washington’ energy plan for 2023 legislative session; In a first, King County moves against WA for mental health failures in jails. #waleg

BREAKING: Senate Republicans just elected new leadership roles for 2023. Our team is ready to advocate and fight for you. #waleg #RestorePublicSafety #ReturnAffordability #RebuildTrust


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