Taking no breaks: Harry the Republican dog is out knocking doors on a Thursday night, ensuring lower dog food prices when Republicans take back seats across the state!

Join Harry and help us get Republicans elected statewide: https://bit.ly/3G2K89C

Democrat Governor Jay Inslee has had emergency powers for 809 days

During a presser Weds, Inslee said he won’t reduce gas taxes despite having a budget surplus & some of the highest prices in the US

He also refused to cancel the vax mandate for WA employees

Gas stations are preparing for double-digit gas prices, are you prepared? – brought to you by Democrat leadership.



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Sen. Lynda Wilson: Costly new budget just signed by @GovInslee just made WA a more regressive place to live. People would have been far better off with the Republican approach…which offered tax relief, not new/higher taxes. #waleg #Washington #taxapalooza http://ow.ly/9vJ050EPQLJ

Jay Inslee on signing carbon legislation which has conservatively been estimated by respected consulting firms to raise the cost of gas by 95 cents/gal by 2028: “Don’t let anyone give you that swill that it is going to increase prices.” 2:07 pm 5/17/21 #waleg

And just like that, with a single-vote margin (25-24) and bipartisan opposition, an income tax passes off the Senate floor. Not an excise tax…an income tax. Something Washingtonians have voted down 10 times and still oppose according to a recent Elway Poll. #NoIncomeTax #waleg

For months conservatives have criticized WA Gov Inslee’s handling of the pandemic. But now even some Democrats are exasperated at the pace of reopening. As are some local officials. Here’s our story: https://www.nwnewsnetwork.org/post/inslee-defends-reopening-plan-face-growing-frustration-including-fellow-democrats #COVID19 #wagov #waleg

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In the last edition of The Current for 2022: Legislative leaders at the Tri-City Regional Chamber of Commerce forum; missed opportunities of the 2022 session; House Republican newsletters; The Ledger; and election-year restrictions. #waleg https://houserepublicans.wa.gov/current/election-year-restrictions/

Capitol Buzz: Thousands waiting for unemployment benefits in WA; WA State Ferries continue to struggle amid staffing shortage; U.S. producer prices surge 11% in April as food prices jump; WA WIC director warns against DIY baby formula. #waleg https://houserepublicans.wa.gov/stay-connected/capitol-buzz/

Rep. Dent: We can set policy & appropriate funds. But it’s up to the executive branch to help implement & execute the policies. That’s where we’ve seen the greatest failures in our mental health system. This is demonstrated by the governor’s veto. #waleg

Sens. John Braun and Curtis King in the @seattletimes: “Republicans, meanwhile, advocated for a long-term funding solution that would have generated even more money for transportation investments without needing new taxes or fees.” #waleg https://www.seattletimes.com/opinion/letters-to-the-editor/transportation-spending-democrats-focus-on-puget-sound-region/

Capitol Buzz: Case of missing WA 5-year-old highlights secrecy around CPS cases; Consumer prices still climbing rapidly; Massive backlog of appeals from Employment Security Department affecting about 22,000 Washingtonians. #waleg https://houserepublicans.wa.gov/stay-connected/capitol-buzz/

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