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America has done more to lift people out of poverty & raise the standard of living than any other country in the world. It’s because free people are able to take creative ideas, make it a reality, and solve problems. More from my remarks at @Heritage ⬇️ https://t.co/KV3dz7iQjE

“The beverage tax raised $22 million in 2018, much more than expected.”

Here’s an idea, @MayorJenny and @SeattleCouncil, stop taxing hardworking Washingtonians for drinking soda. #waelex

#Democrats are out of control – now they’re trying to take money right from your paycheck.

#Republicans like @steveoban and @stokesbary are fighting for taxpayers to keep more of their hard-earned income. #waelex #waleg

Gov Jay Inslee’s campaign asked CNN if the national anthem will be performed at the next debate. He said he’d pick Megan Rapinoe as Secretary of State – who has kneeled during the anthem.

Will Inslee kneel at the debate during the anthem for attention? https://t.co/dtArcI0IHf

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Oregon resident: Washington legislators have made the state “unfriendly and closed for business.” Read the full story from @the_daily_news here: https://t.co/hed5mbPnff #waleg

More problems at King County’s West Point Treatment Plant, with consequences for the health of Puget Sound. https://t.co/ZYOnbxEhYN #waleg

Washington House Republicans continue to oppose any new tax on your income – including local, state and capital gains income taxes. https://t.co/OuISIYSQNA #waleg

Rep. Joel Kretz: “It’s vitally important that committee members get out of Olympia whenever possible in order to see the real-world problems our folks in rural Washington are up against.” https://t.co/OuGZwIeHB6 #waleg #wawildfire

.@ubnews: Local income taxes skirt state constitution

“If the state Supreme Court doesn’t ultimately put an end to this effort to let cities (and, perhaps, counties) impose income taxes, the Legislature needs to fix the flaws in its 1984 effort.”

https://t.co/kyjF3x3MxM #waleg

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