REET abused by Land Bank

In 2011 continued funding for the Real Estate Excise Tax or REET (which is distributed to the Land Bank) passed by just 2.8%. The votes were 4,168 yes to 3,726 no. On San Juan Island it failed 1,565 no to 1,440 yes. Using that tax, the Land Bank has purchased over SIXTY million dollars worth of real property and millions more in easements. The Land Bank has had a 30 year run that’s removed over SIXTY million dollars of property off the tax roles. We think that’s enough

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Wa State Republican Candidate Zoom Statements.  

A Zoom Meeting was held and each Candidate was given time to speak.  The following Candidates were recorded.  

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Referendum 90: Stop the Sex Education Law

Let Kids Be Kids!

We only have until June 10 to gather the 129,811 signatures!



It’s not just that @GovInslee did this – but not one of his staffers or anyone else that surrounds @JayInslee was aware either.

Democrats are only focused on Seattle while ignoring the rest of the state and we see it every day.


“Two Seattle-area schools are using the Black Lives Matter movement to push anti-police curriculum to second graders.” @jasonrantz

A good reminder that Democrats are also forcing an awful comprehensive sex ed curriculum into schools across the state.

Incompetence. That’s what you get with Democrats and one-Party rule.

@GovInslee and fellow Democrats have failed Washingtonians.

Vote Republican. #leadright

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It is sickening how @GovInslee is using devastating wildfires for political purposes. Don’t miss the audio in our Big Lead at 12:06 @DoriMonsonShow @KIRORadio

Let us never forget the tremendous loss suffered on September 11, 2001 in the terror attacks that changed our world forever. We lost 2,977 souls that day and today, on Patriot Day, we honor and remember them. #waleg #NeverForget

While Democrats like Joe Biden try to justify the violence happening in our cities, 9 in 10 voters say the riots happening around the country will be their 🔑 issue this November.

Amazon is adding 10,000 jobs ……..
……………in Bellevue.

I am again honored to be named, along with two other qualified nominees, a Statesperson of the year finalist by the Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce .

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From @Crosscut: “As Washington state pushes through the pandemic, a shortage of child care options forces parents and providers to make difficult choices.” Story: #waleg

If you want timely and official information on wildfires in the Pacific Northwest, please visit this blog from the Northwest Interagency Coordination Center. #waleg

Air quality continues to be an issue across Washington state. For the latest information on wildfire smoke, including an air monitoring map, please visit this website: #waleg

From @seattletimes: The status of major wildfires in Washington state. Updates: #waleg

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