Reminder: Today Senate Democrats are holding an executive session to advance SB 5476 to a floor vote. This bill expands the Blake Supreme Court Decision and effectively legalizes illegal drugs like heroin.

Contact your legislators here:,contact%20the%20Governor%20click%20here).

Great floor speech today on E2SSB 5126 and E3SJB1091.

“This isn’t climate legislation. This is tax legislation, and the people who are going to be paying the bill are the working families of Washington who can afford it the least.” – Sen. Doug Ericksen

Latest op-ed from the Seattle Times, urging people to run for school board:

Sign up here to get started running for office and turning our state around:

Even Ivy League research is showing that Joe Biden’s non-infrastructure plan will slow growth and shrink our economy:

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And just like that, with a single-vote margin (25-24) and bipartisan opposition, an income tax passes off the Senate floor. Not an excise tax…an income tax. Something Washingtonians have voted down 10 times and still oppose according to a recent Elway Poll. #NoIncomeTax #waleg

For months conservatives have criticized WA Gov Inslee’s handling of the pandemic. But now even some Democrats are exasperated at the pace of reopening. As are some local officials. Here’s our story: #COVID19 #wagov #waleg

Part 2: Braun’s SB 5114 would reopen Washington’s bars and restaurants and trust them to operate under safety guidelines. And provide a place to connect that is less risky than in our own homes. #waleg

You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout I’m telling you why, Santa Claus is coming to town. @NoradSanta helps you track his progress here: #ChristmasEve #NoradTracksSanta #waleg

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Freshman Reps. Peter Abbarno and Mark Klicker joined Austin Jenkins of TVW’s Inside Olympia to discuss their experiences and priorities in the remote legislative session. Watch here: #waleg

Good news from the Legislature @AP: The bill sponsored by Rep. Springer, D-Kirkland, and Rep. Kretz, R-Wauconda, would provide $125 million every 2 years to boost wildfire response, accelerate forest restoration and support community resilience. #waleg

In The Current this week: The House Democrats’ 2021-23 operating budget, emergency powers reform, transportation tax packages, and what to expect next week. Read here: #waleg

In his week 13 recap, House Republican Leader J.T. Wilcox discusses public safety legislation and the 2021-23 operating budget. Wilcox says “there’s no excuse” for tax increases this session. #waleg

Despite bipartisan opposition, Senate Democrats passed a controversial cap-and-tax program on a narrow 25-24 vote yesterday. We are ready to oppose this legislation in the House. Learn more: #waleg

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