10/17/18: Saturday events, Grievance studies

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From 10/17/18 email…. pardon the formatting — Editor   View this email in your browser Greetings Conservatives! Will you stand up for Republican candidates? Or do you drive by and let them fall by the side of the road? Events: Susan Hutchison debates Maria Cantwell, Lopez Candidate event LOPEZ ISLAND – 3 pm on Saturday, Oct 20 – People are invited to come early to the Islander Bar to watch at least the beginning of it. It is a big Sports Day, but they agreed to dedicate 2-3 TVs in one section. We will be meeting in the North section where minors can attend. … Click Here to Read More

10/11/18: Petrish tonight — Friday Harbor

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From an email newsletter 10/11… pardon the formatting — Editor  View this email in your browser Greetings Conservatives! Michael Petrish, tonight It’s short notice, but we just found out that Michael Petrish will be attending the League of Women’s Voters tonight in Friday Harbor. The event is at 5:15 pm – 7:15 p.m. @ San Juan Island Grange 152 1st Street, Friday Harbor He could really use some conservatives there to support him. Please consider asking a question! Usually these events are packed with Democrats. Details – League of Women’s Voters Event  WHERE: SJI Grange, 152 1st Street, Friday Harbor TIME: 5:15 – 7:15… Click Here to Read More

10/3/18: Confused about Initiatives?

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View this email in your browser Greetings Lopez Conservatives! VOTER’S GUIDE HERE SAMPLE BALLOT HERE  (LINKS ARE TO DOCUMENTS ON THE SJC ELECTIONS OFFICE WEBSITE) Welcome New Subscribers. This week we completed a major update to our Lopez email list. If this is your first time getting the newsletter from San Juan County Republican Party, welcome! Thank you Lynda Lee Gerpheide for your vital assistance in this. She has almost single handedly built up the party on Lopez. If for some reason you do NOT want this email there is an “unsubscribe” button at the bottom of this email. Alternately,… Click Here to Read More

Take a Survey about substance abuse …

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From one of our Members.  Please consider taking the survey — “We are asking you to participate in this survey. The survey asks about your views on youth substance use in the community. We will use this information to help us understand your thoughts and feelings, in order to better serve youth in our community. This survey is anonymous. We will not know who you are or which responses are yours. Your responses will be kept confidential and will be reported only in the aggregate (combined with other responses). This survey is voluntary. That means you can skip any question… Click Here to Read More

Where is the Republican Fair Booth????

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Thank you for all your emails and calls concerning the Republican Fair Booth. Nice gentle conversations at the market and at church have been so encouraging on this matter. We have put so much work into providing a Republican Fair Booth in the past. The Nerf Gun Shooting Gallery, Constitution Trivia, the Cotton Candy Trump Hair, the Patriotic Jigsaw Puzzles, and much fun supportive conversation were activities we enjoyed. Planning begins in January each year. Now that we cancelled this year, your encouraging words make me realize the booth will be missed. Do you ever have that nagging feeling about… Click Here to Read More