REET abused by Land Bank

In 2011 continued funding for the Real Estate Excise Tax or REET (which is distributed to the Land Bank) passed by just 2.8%. The votes were 4,168 yes to 3,726 no. On San Juan Island it failed 1,565 no to 1,440 yes. Using that tax, the Land Bank has purchased over SIXTY million dollars worth of real property and millions more in easements. The Land Bank has had a 30 year run that’s removed over SIXTY million dollars of property off the tax roles. We think that’s enough

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Wa State Republican Candidate Zoom Statements.  

A Zoom Meeting was held and each Candidate was given time to speak.  The following Candidates were recorded.  

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Referendum 90: Stop the Sex Education Law

Let Kids Be Kids!

We only have until June 10 to gather the 129,811 signatures!



Today we honor the memory all those men and women who lost their lives during their service to our country. We are both grateful for and humbled by their sacrifice. #waleg #memorialday #remember

I hope you will join me this #MemorialDay in taking a moment to stop and remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice to protect our country.

“No other state was susceptible to this level of fraud. @GovInslee and his hand-picked department heads continually mismanage our state. All of these failures are @JayInslee’s to own.” Chairman @CalebHeimlich

#IncompetentInslee #leadright

Let’s take a moment today to honor and remember the brave heroes who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country and our freedom. Thank you to our fallen soldiers.

I invite you to join me this Memorial Day in honoring our fallen heroes who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country. Today and everyday, we remember those who fought to defend our liberties, and we are eternally grateful for their selfless service.

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🚨SPOTLIGHT CANDIDATE🚨Chris Gildon served in the Army for 23 years, instilling in him a sense of pride and service to the people around him. Serving as a Washington state Senator would allow him to continue giving back to his community.

Legislative Republicans announce proposal for a special session of the Legislature to address impacts from COVID-19. Revive Washington. #waleg #coronavirus #SafelyBacktoWorkWA Read the plan:

Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day! We’re grateful for the support, dedication, and contributions you make to our service men and women every day. You’re the backbone for our military families across the country, and today we honor you.

Upon outreach from Sen. Schoesler, Taiwanese citizens donated 100,000 face masks to Washington (3.93 million total for overseas donations) through the “National Health Insurance Express” mobile app in a single week. Arriving in WA Friday. #waleg #coronavirus

An unofficial revenue forecast shows that Washington state could face a reduction in projected state revenues of $7 billion through mid-2023 due to the coronavirus crisis.

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From the @seattletimes: “Inslee also made it clear that not all counties are likely to proceed to the second phase — with more businesses opening and small gatherings allowed — by June 1.” Full story: #waleg

From the @seattletimes: “Washington’s unemployment system also missed potential red flags, including payments to out-of-state banks and the use of suspicious email accounts, according to security experts.” Full story: #waleg

From @seattletimes editorial board: “The state must clearly explain why its system became the primary target for an international crime ring. There was a vulnerability that allowed thievery at a higher rate here than in other states.” #waleg

From @seattlepi: Study: Washington ranks among states with most restrictions still in place due to coronavirus #waleg

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