The Republican Party structure is truly a grassroots party, similar to the Old Testiment version of People’s Law established by Moses in ancient Israel.

The Precinct Committee Officer

The Republican Party begins with the individual voter at the neighborhood level, who elects a precinct committee officer to serve as his/her liaison with the Party organization. The county is divided into precincts.

In order to be elected as a PCO (see “What is a PCO” above), a registered voter living in the precinct must file as a candidate with the County Auditor during the statutory filing period. An elected PCO serves a two-year term. A person may also be appointed to an non-represented  precinct by the County Chair.

PCOs represent the voters in their precinct.  They vote for the county officers and vote on issues concerning fundraising, expendures and resolutions brought before the local county committee.

The County

The PCOs collectively are the County Central Committee. PCOs meet in December or January of alternate years to elect its officers, a.k.a. Executive Board (County Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, State Committeeman and State Committeewoman; the Secretary is a voting board member but is appointed by the Chairman.).

SJC Republican Party’s executive board is listed here (or by clicking “Executive Board” above). PCOs appointed by the Chairman may not vote for officers in the 1st meeting of the year.

These officers are in charge of leading the county organization for the next two years. The State Committeeman and State Committeewoman will represent the county party to the state central committee (see “State” below). The Chairman typically attends as well.

The entire committee is governed by its bylaws, the WA State Republican Party’s (WSRP) bylaws, state laws, and the Public Disclosures Commission. Financial irregularities tend to be the most serious, so a good treasurer is essential.

The District

Legislative Districts are organized on the basis of the lines drawn for representation in the state legislature. San Juan County is part of the 40th Legislative District which includes parts of Skagit and Whatcom County.

Some Legislative District parties send representatives to meet together in occasional meetings. State representatives and Senators in Olympia are voted for by the public residing within each legislative districts as well.

The State

The 117 voting members of the Republican State Committee elect a State Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Washington State Republican Party.  The State Chairman is the party’s Chief Executive Officer and manages the party’s business on a daily basis.

State Party officers serve two-year terms.  In addition, the State Committee members meet by Congressional District and elect two people from among themselves to serve on the State Executive Board.

The State Executive Board, consisting of the 18 Congressional District members, National Committeeman, National Committeewoman, Vice Chairman and Chairman, oversee implementation of State Party programs on behalf of the State Committee, develop party policy and review the party’s finances.

The Nation

The Republican National Committee consists of three representatives from each state and four territories; the National Committeeman and Committeewoman (elected by the State Committee in the year of each Presidential election) and the State Party Chairman.

We have sent SJC residents many times to the state executive board and the national committee.


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