11:30 Am Fri 13th Forum:Marijuana now with I-502 in our Community

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Cynthia Stark-Wickman, Prevention Coordinator
San Juan County Health and Community Services
San Juan Island Prevention Coalition www.sjipc.org

The coalition will have a special I-502 awareness and presentation meeting on September 13, 11:30-2 atFriday Harbor Presbyterian Church.  Please invite community members to attend!

We are pleased to have two inspirational and highly involved community educators and prevention advocates joining us this Friday.Both Derek Franklin and Ramona Leber are active with the Washington State Association of Substance Abuse and Violence Prevention, a collaborative that has provided education, advocacy materials and presentations to communities throughout the state.  We used and use many of the resources in our education efforts.

Derek is from the Mercer Island Community that Cares Coalition;  the first community in the state to pass a local social host ordinance for alcohol use by minors.  He has been very active in working with national and state organizations in the effort to bust many of the myths around marijuana use.

Ramona Leber has over 20 years of work with the Department of Commerce and the Community Mobilization efforts that San Juan County Community Network has been involved with for the same period.

If you would like more information regarding the Legalization of Marijuana measure, there are a variety of relevant marijuana education/media outreach documents.

Resources include:  a toolkit containing a plethora of documents at http://wasavp.org/marijuana-education-toolkit/  developed by the Washington Association of Substance Abuse and Violence Prevention,

and from the Office of National Drug Control and Policy, their toolkit is located at www.whitehouse.gov/ondcp/marijuaninfo

The lead agency for overseeing the development of policies and procedures is the Washington State Liquor Control Board.Go to http://liq.wa.gov/marijuana/I-502