Conservatives at Work

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Yesterday we revealed to you Barack Obama’s efforts to try to raise the debt limit without a vote of Congress, and instead claiming the 14th Amendment entitles him to a power grab where he can just raise the debt ceiling himself, and not be forced to accept any spending cuts by Congress as a condition of any deal.

Today it has gotten worse. Vice President Joe Biden has announced that Barack Obama is now in talks with his Attorney General and Cabinet to try yet another tyrannical power grab – this time he wants to use an Executive Order to ban certain guns, and again – without any vote of Congress.

Obama thinks he can get away with violating the checks-and-balances set in place by our Founding Fathers, and he thinks he can ignore our 2nd Amendment constitutionally protected rights. He thinks he can just do whatever he wants by decree. And we must stop him.

We told you yesterday that we are putting together a TV ad campaign to rally the American people to oppose Obama’s efforts, and to demand that he allow Congress to start passing spending cuts. But now our mission is even more important: we must alert the American people to how blatant Obama’s unconstitutional power grabs are. Obama thinks he is a dictator, and he thinks he can ignore the “voice of the people” which is, after all, what the Congress is supposed to be.

As we told you, we need to raise $10,000 to cover the production costs of our first TV ad. We have raised all but $2,700 – so we’re just about there, and need your help to reach our goal today.