Your Republican Leadership:

Chairman: Nathanael Butler, San Juan. He has been involved with the GOP for about four years. He holds a degree in Modern Middle East Studies/Arabic, speaks fluent Thai, and has lived in Cairo and Bangkok.

Vice Chair: Lynda Lee Gerpheide, Lopez. She has been active in the GOP for 30 years, in California and more recently in Washington’s 41st LD.

Treasurer: Alex Gavora, San Juan. An activist and attorney, we are lucky she has been lending her talents to the Executive Board and the Republican Party for many years.

Secretary: Minnie Kynch, San Juan. A long-time activist and force for conservative values, Minnie has served in almost every capacity there is.

State Committee Woman: Cindy Carter, Orcas. A long-time activist, she is also a former Chair and State Committee Woman of SJ County. Her work and ideas are well-respected throughout the County and the State GOP.

State Committee Man: Rick Boucher, Orcas. Rick is a technology expert and has been involved with the party for years. His experience is invaluable, and his calm leadership important for our team. We are lucky to have him!


If you are interested in attending our meetings, getting involved or contacting our Executive Board members please email the Chair at