New Executive Board Elected

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January 12, 2019 – The elected PCOs (Precinct Committee Officers) from the 2018 general election met in Friday Harbor, WA. Amid like minded San Juan County Republicans they discussed and then acted to elect new Executive Committee Officers for the next biennium. Every two years, by Washington State statute, county parties must meet and re-establish executive members by vote of elected PCOs.

In this Re-Organization meeting, the Elected PCOs elected the following to officer positions in the San Juan County Republican Party:

Chair – Lynda Gerpheide – Lopez Island
Vice Chair – Rick Boucher – Orcas Island
State Committeeman – Jim McBain – Lopez Island
State Committeewoman – Cindy Carter – Orcas Island
Treasurer – Kelley Unger – San Juan Island

In her first action as Chair, Lynda Gerpheide appointed the following positions:

Secretary: Judy McBain
Webmaster: Rick Boucher
Newsletter: Cindy Carter
Chaplain: Carrie Brooks

In addition to the Elected PCOs listed below Lynda appointed other PCO positions.

Elected PCOs:

Friday Harbor North – Heather Christensen
Friday Harbor South – Thomas C. Starr
San Juan South West – Minnie Knych
San Juan Central – Michelle Loftus
San Juan West – Maurice (Maury) Liebman
San Juan North – Sidney S. Smith
San Juan East – William Hancock
Eastsound – Richard Boucher
Lopez North – Lynda Lee Gerpheide

Appointed PCO’s :

Orcas Center – Nick Knoellinger
Orcas East – Cindy Carter
San Juan South East – Michael Jean Smith
Turn Point /Brown Island – Carrie Brooks
Blakely & Outer Islands – Dan Schwartz
Decatur & Outer Islands – Jim McBain
Lopez South – Monico MacKinnon

Take a Survey about substance abuse …

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From one of our Members.  Please consider taking the survey —

“We are asking you to participate in this survey. The survey asks about your views on youth substance use in the community. We will use this information to help us understand your thoughts and feelings, in order to better serve youth in our community.

This survey is anonymous. We will not know who you are or which responses are yours. Your responses will be kept confidential and will be reported only in the aggregate (combined with other responses).

This survey is voluntary. That means you can skip any question or stop the survey at any time. The survey will take about 15 minutes.”

English Version Here | Version en español aquí

Where is the Republican Fair Booth????

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Thank you for all your emails and calls concerning the Republican Fair Booth. Nice gentle conversations at the market and at church have been so encouraging on this matter. We have put so much work into providing a Republican Fair Booth in the past. The Nerf Gun Shooting Gallery, Constitution Trivia, the Cotton Candy Trump Hair, the Patriotic Jigsaw Puzzles, and much fun supportive conversation were activities we enjoyed. Planning begins in January each year. Now that we cancelled this year, your encouraging words make me realize the booth will be missed.

Do you ever have that nagging feeling about something? The voice in my head said we should not provide a Republican Fair Booth this year. In 2016 our booth was vandalized with eggs and tossing of the booth contents. During the first 3 hours of the 2017 SJC Fair, police assistance was needed to address a most loathsome individual who was harassing and threatening. For the remainder of the 2017 SJC Fair the booth volunteers were subject to spitting, name calling, obscene hand gestures, protests and verbal threats. Physical contact was narrowly avoided, and fear was felt by booth volunteers. (see Islands Sound Article)

If the ugly behavior escalates further, I am sure someone will be hurt. I could not ask volunteers to put themselves in harm’s way this year. I take full responsibility for the lack of the Republican Fair Booth this year. 

What to do now? We have much cause for happiness. The recent election results were very favorable to us. Michael Petrish (support Petrish) is bringing voters across the aisle for the 40th LD Rep race. Susan Hutchison (support Hutchison) will move forward to the General Election and give Cantwell a fierce fight for the Senate seat. I know Susan personally and she will be an amazing Senator. I can’t wait to see the debates! President Trump continues to plow through the swamp getting America on track again. Healthcare, immigration, trade economics, and international strength are being addressed while political correctness takes a back seat. This is what America has needed.

Please donate to our brave candidates. They use the money for advertising of their positions and message. There is a bright horizon ahead.


Michelle Loftus PCO

Orcas Republican Meeting – Oct 7, 2017

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Join the SJCRP on Orcas as they hear from fellow islander (Lopez) Ed Kilduff, Hydrologist, who will be speaking about the WA State Supreme Court Hirst Decision, which basically halts drilling of wells on undeveloped property, and why it is important to everyone in our state….so important that the Republican leadership is holding out on the budget until the Hirst “Fix” gets passed and signed. This is important on our island and to our future. All are welcome to attend the meeting 12:30 pm, Saturday, October 7th at the Eastsound Fire Station.  Please RSVP to