County Parties DO Not Endorse Miller

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A July 22nd press release states that the three county Republican Parties, San Juan County Republican Party, Skagit County Republican Party and Whatcom County Republican Party involved in the 40th Legislative District of Washington State do not endorse Daniel Miller for the position of Senator.  They have, in fact ,never endorsed Daniel Miller for any elective position.

Alternatively, you are encouraged to Write In: Michael Petrish

The Press Release:

Dated: July 22nd, 2019

The San Juan County Republican Party, the Skagit County Republican Party, and the Whatcom County Republican Party  have never endorsed current LD 40 Senate Candidate Daniel Miller for any public office. Daniel Miller has been thoroughly vetted; he does not meet the criteria of the Republican Party.



Lynda Gerpheide, San Juan County Republican Party Chair

Bill Burch, Skagit County Republican Party Chair

Kathy Kershner, Whatcom County Republican Party Chair