Barry Cave on the SJI Lincoln Day Dinner

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I would like to thank all those who helped make the SJCRP Lincoln Day Event a success. This was a festive event attended by a house full of active, like-minded American Patriots. I wasy lucky enough to attend the Friday Harbor event and the room was filled with an atmosphere of pride, hope, and celebration for our future in these United States of America, that we are so lucky to be citizens of.

Again, I’d like to thank all who put together these three events, your dedication and efforts are greatly appreciated and will lead to a greater and stronger nation.

To start off the night of celebration Minnie had a wonderful set of stories about legal immigrants who came in the front door, assimilated and are helping us to be a thriving country of all backgrounds.

Nathan proceeded to thank all who put the event together and told heartfelt stories of his times in Thailand in developing countries that helped mold him into a person who appreciates the freedoms we all work towards each and every day.

The main guest speaker, Her Meyer, lead us through the trials and circumstances of the Cold War, with references to events as they unfolded in a way that only someone who was actually there could speak to. To have a guest with his insight and experience to speak is nothing short of amazing.

My favorite quote was from Herb, “You can untie a knot, but you cannot unscramble an egg… President Obama was put in place to scramble the egg, and now President Trump must now do the impossible.”