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Let’s support the work of Common Sense Alliance and the other challengers to the SJC CAO. Consider attending the last day of hearings Wed and show your support. There will be no public speaking time but you will see how this process is churning and learn a thing or two.

  Today I saw CSA and the FOSJ both request the CAO go back to the county.  Different reasons of course. The GMH Board must follow specific guidelines for these challenges. CSA’s Atty Mackey is doing a great job and working very hard. He is impressive.

 Tomorrow’s hearing begins at 9:00 Am in the County Council Chambers. You can also watch the video recording if you prefer.

 From the SJC Gov website:

 Growth Management Hearings Board Hearing Scheduled in Friday Harbor June 24-26

The hearings will be available via live streaming in the Council Video section of the San Juan County Website.

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 For the good of our county,