“Call your Representative Monday” today!

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Rep. Kristine Lytton(d) (360) 786-7800
Rep. Jeff Morris(d)360-786-7970 (Transportation Committee Member)
Sen.Kevin Ranker(d)(360) 786-7678

Today’s request for the last 6 days of this legislative session 2013 comes from State Republican Chairman Kirby Wilbur:We’re heading down the home stretch of the 2013 legislative session, which means these final six days will be spent battling over a budget which pits Governor Inslee and the House Democrats’ tax increase proposal vs. the Senate Republicans’ no-new-taxes proposal that prioritizes our children and funds education, without breaking the backs of struggling Washington families.
We need all hands on deck.

We’re barely 99 days into the Governor’s first legislative session, and he’s already broken a key campaign promise he used to get elected! It sickens me to see this kind of politicking and manipulation going on in Washington, which is why we made this new ad to spread the word that Governor Inslee can not be trusted:

The Inslee Increase will stifle our recovering economy and place more financial burdens on the shoulders of Washingtonians from every corner of the state. We can’t afford higher unemployment and smaller paychecks, so we must fight tooth-and-nail for the Majority Coalition Caucus’s balanced and sustainable budget over the next six days!

Will you sign our petition to say you support the Republican budget in Olympia that does not raise taxes and puts education funding back into our schools?

Once you’ve done that, I urge you to share this video with your friends and family on Facebook and Twitter and tell them to sign the petition!

Six days to hash out a budget deal is a tall order. The pressure of getting done in time to avoid a special session will mount, but we must encourage our Republican elected officials to hold strong! Sign our petition to say you stand behind them in their fight against the Inslee Increase!

In Victory,

Kirby Wilbur
Chairman, Washington State Republican Party

P.S. With your help, we will defeat the Democrats’ higher taxes budget! Please watch our new video and sign the petition to do just that!