Chair Update

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Who said winter in the islands was a slow time of year? Folks are busy as ever now.

Your Chair Loftus, State Committee Woman Sandra Frinell and State Committee Man Levi Rawls will be traveling to Olympia next week to participate in Legislature Day. We will be able to visit with our State Representatives and discuss local issues. If you have an item for us to deliver please let us know. I plan on putting notices about bills of concern in their hands and looking them in the eye.(Anyone wishing to contribute to travel cost contact Treasurer Alex Gavora)

Elections are upon us. Get to a forum. Read the news. Call the candidates.Hang up when the dems/FOSJ call or discuss small government/personal responsibility/economic solutions with them.Read information on above candidate pages.Vote.

Call or email me for Lincoln Day Dinner tickets. LDD will be Sat Feb 16th 6-8 PM.See details in post below or on the page above.

Chair Loftus