Come to Caucus! Sat March 3rd 10:00 AM.

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Come help us elect delegates to county convention and develop platform. We will be shaping our party from the grassroots level. We do have a conservative influence in our county. Help us to be heard. Help us provide our county with a quality way of life with freedoms dictated by our Constitution.Come to Caucus.

These Precinct Caucuses will be determined by the old precinct boundaries. Redistricting will not take effect until State Convention.

If you need help determining which precinct caucus to attend call the county elections office 378-3357. You may also contact your PCO as listed on this website. If I can help, call me-Michelle 298-1843.It is pretty easy actually. All San Juan Precincts will meet at the Grange in Friday Harbor. All Lopez Precincts will meet at Woodmen Hall. Shaw precinct will meet at the Rawls Home. Last but not least there are two meeting places on Orcas-the Firehall on Lavender and the American Legion on Crescent Beach. Orcas participants call Cindy Carter 376-2187 if you have questions.Come to Caucus!