Contribute to Rob McKenna’s Campaign for Governor

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Team –

There are just hours left for you to make an immediate online contribution to support Team McKenna.  At midnight tonight, our campaign goes back into a fundraising freeze as the Legislature goes back into session.

Events of the last few days have made it clearer than ever that Rob’s opponents will do whatever they can to keep him from becoming our next Governor, including wasting taxpayer money to keep our campaign from raising money.

Just consider that Governor Christine Gregoire ordered a special session to start tomorrow – even though legislators have been told that there will be no hearings held until at least Wednesday, if even that soon.  So the taxpayers will be paying for a special session – and the legislators’ salaries – even though there is no work being done.

Then yesterday, after saying for months that he could handle being both a Congressman and a candidate for Governor, our likely opponent Jay Inslee suddenly quit his seat in Congress.  Evidently the commitment he made to the people of the First Congressional District didn’t matter much, when compared with the need of convincing his party’s big-dollar special interests that he is a serious candidate.  Evidently he doesn’t want to give up his taxpayer-funded paycheck just yet, however, as he is planning on staying on the government payroll until later in this month while he tries to get his campaign going.

These events make it even more critical that our campaign take advantage of what might be the last day in March that Rob can raise money, if his opponents continue to avoid doing their job in Olympia and manipulate the legislative schedule to harm our efforts. Please help us say “no” to their game-playing, and make an immediate online contribution of $500, $250, $150, $100, $75, $50, or whatever you can give today!

We need strong fundraising numbers today to boost Rob’s campaign for Governor, and to let soon-to-be-former Congressman Inslee know that he will still not have enough time in his day to keep up with Team McKenna!

Rob is working hard – traveling the state to meet with voters and get information out about his New Direction for Washington State plan. Can we count on you to step up and help Rob so he can continue to work hard on our winning path to November?

We need to make sure Rob wins. The status quo crowd in Olympia is out of ideas. They’re proposing budget gimmicks and ignoring reforms that will help us out of this budget mess. Rob’s New Direction Plan will put us on the right path to build a brighter future for our state.

Thank you for your support and for being a crucial part of Team McKenna.

Randy Pepple
Campaign Manager

P.S. – We need your help in the next few hours! The fundraising freeze will go back into effect at midnight tonight. Please join us on Team McKenna and help Rob in his campaign for Governor by making an immediate online contribution of $500, $250, $150, $100, $75, $50, or whatever you can give today! Thank you!