Democrat Track Record thus far in 2019

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Since the first of the year, Democrats and the media, have:

  • Attempted to destroy a young man’s life because he smiled nervously and wore a hat they detest
  • Propped up a well-known activist who lied about his military service as a “victim” of said young man
  • Passed a law expanding abortion rights in New York that redefined the word “person” so that no one can ever be prosecuted for killing an unborn baby. It also allows abortion on demand until a baby is born
  • Proposed eliminating private insurance
  • Have implicitly called for the nationalization of industry via a “Green New Deal”
  • Advanced a myriad of tax proposals aimed at punishing wealth and success
  • Talked about the elimination of all semi-automatic weapons, which account for the vast majority of all guns produced
  • Essentially endorsed infanticide by minimizing or recasting comments made by Governor Ralph Northam (D-VA)
  • Continue to be intractable about funding barriers requested by CPB to secure vulnerable parts of the border

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