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This is easy.Call 1-800-562-6000 to oppose HB 2148
HB 2148: Anti-Choice & Unnecessary
While the rest of the state is focused on the Seahawks Super Bowl Parade in downtown Seattle tomorrow morning, the Washington State House will be voting on one of the most unnecessary  and anti-choice pieces of legislation in Washington State’s history.
This bill would force every policy in the private insurance market to cover abortion.  No choices, no options.  All abortion all the time.

This is the third-year in a row this bill has been debated.  Its supporters say it is necessary in order to make sure that women are not denied access to an abortion because they don’t have insurance.

Yet, in three years of debate, not a single woman has ever testified that she was unable to get an abortion, or even that her abortion was delayed, because she did not have insurance to pay for it.

Proponents also claimed to be concerned that the exchange created under the Affordable Care Act would not cover abortion. However, every insurance company offering policies under the exchange is offering abortion coverage.

This bill will offer no tangible benefits to anyone, but it will take away choices from millions of Washington citizens who do not wish to pay for abortion through their insurance premiums.

We would encourage you to contact your legislators and ask them the following questions.

1. Why do you think this bill is necessary?

2. How many constituents have told you that they were denied an abortion because they did not have insurance to pay for it?

3.  How many constituents have told you they do not want to be forced to pay for abortion through their insurance?

4.  If you are concerned with making sure women have the kind of coverage they need, wouldn’t it be preferable to require the statement of benefits to simply disclose whether abortion is covered or not so that women can make informed choices that represent their own values?

CALL 1-800-562-6000


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Scroll down for more information about the House vote on HB 2148.
Religious Freedom * Sanctity of Human Life

HB 2148 – Abortion Insurance Mandate –
Conscience Coercion Bill
Status: The House will vote on HB 2148  tomorrow, Wed., February 5, sometime between 10am-Noon.

HB 2148 & SB 6359 – Concerning health plan coverage for the voluntary termination of a pregnancy.
Summary: Would force health plans that cover maternity care to also “provide coverage for the voluntary termination of a pregnancy”. Read more and track this bill.

# 1 – SHOW UP by 8:30am to secure your seat in the House Gallery. The House will vote on HB 2148, some time between 10am-Noon. Campus Map.
# 2 – CALL

 the Legislative Hotline

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1 (800) 562-6000
Leave the following message for your legislators:
“Please OPPOSE HB 2148 because
I do not want to pay for abortion!”

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