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FPIW Prayer Network: Please use the following information as the basis for praying for FPIW this week, as well as forwarding to your respective prayer groups and networks. Email prayer@fpiw.org to join the network. Thank you for praying! 
Religious Freedom * Sanctity of Human Life

Abortion Insurance Mandate
Conscience Coercion Bill
HB 2148 & SB 6359 – Concerning health plan coverage for the voluntary termination of a pregnancy.

Summary: Would force health plans that cover maturity care to also “provide coverage for the voluntary termination of a pregnancy”. Read more and track this bill.

Status HB 214801/27/14 passed to Rules. 01/30/14 Placed on Second Reading. Eligible to be placed on the Third Reading Calendar and final consideration by the full House.

SB 6359There is no public hearing scheduled at this time.

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CALL 1 (800) 562-6000
# 1

– Ask your Representatives to OPPOSE HB 2148 when it comes up for a House Floor vote.
# 2 – Remain on standby and be prepared to SHOW UP on short notice, in the event that a House floor vote is scheduled for HB 2148.

Additional Resources

Abortion Insurance Mandate Advances in Legislature

01/24/14 – by Joseph Backholm, Executive Director, FPIW

Irony Abounds in Abortion Mandate Hearing

01/15/14 – by Joseph Backholm, Executive Director, FPIW

Buttons and signs will be provided!
# 1

 Attend the Press Conference with SB 6464 sponsor Senator Steve O’Ban, at 9am, Tues., February 4 at the “Sundial, located on the Capitol Campus between the John L. O’Brien and John A. Cherberg Buildings. See Capitol Campus Map.

# 2 –

Attend the Hearing on SB 6464 at 10am, Tues., February 4, in the John A. Cherberg Senate Hearing Rm. 4.
# 4 – Do you have a story? Use the Legislative Website online Comment Form for SB 64 to share with Legislators.
Contact Peggy O’Ban at 425-248-9694 or peggyoban@msn.com.
Religious Freedom * Parental Rights


HB 2451 – Reparative Therapy Bill
HB 2451 & SB 6449: Restricting the practice of sexual orientation change efforts.
Summary: Would ban talk therapy to address same-sex attraction in minors, as well as violate the rights of parents and children to seek counseling that conforms to their values. Read more and track this bill.
Status HB 2451: Scheduled for Executive Session in the House Committee on Health Care Wellness at 6pm, Mon., February 3, and 8am, on Wed., February 5. 
SB 6449: There is no public hearing scheduled at this time.
ACTION: Ask House Committee on Health Care & Wellness Members to REJECT HB 2451 FOR A FULL FLOOR VOTE
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# 1 – CALL the House Committee on Health Care & Wellness Chair Rep. Eileen Cody at (360) 786-7978 and Vice Chair Rep. Marcus Riccelli at (360) 786-7888. 
# 2 – CALL any Health Care & Wellness Committee Members who are also your Representatives.
 # 3 – EMAIL all Heath Care & Wellness Committee Members.

Cut and paste the following list into your email client recipient field.


 Eileen.Cody@leg.wa.gov, Marcus.Riccelli@leg.wa.gov, Joe.Schmick@leg.wa.gov, Paul.Harris@leg.wa.gov, Judy.Clibborn@leg.wa.gov, Richard.DeBolt@leg.wa.gov, Tami.Green@leg.wa.gov, Graham.Hunt@leg.wa.gov, Laurie.Jinkins@leg.wa.gov, Matt.Manweller@leg.wa.gov, Jim.Moeller@leg.wa.gov, Dawn.Morrell@leg.wa.gov,
Jay.Rodne@leg.wa.gov, Charles.Ross@leg.wa.gov, Shelly.Short@leg.wa.gov, Steve.Tharinger@leg.wa.gov, Kevin.VanDeWege@leg.wa.gov

Additional Resources 
01/22/14 – House Committee on Heath Care & Wellness Public Hearing
01/23/14 – by Joseph Backholm, Director, FPIW
1/20/14 – by Rebecca Faust, FPIW Blog Contributor
Parental Rights

SUPPORT: HB 2174 – Upholding Parental Rights

HB 2174 & SB 6247 – Recognizing that the right of a parent to make decisions regarding the care, custody, supervision, and administration of his or her child is a fundamental right. Read more and track this bill.
Status: Referred to House Judiciary Committee.
ACTION: Ask for a PUBLIC HEARING in the House Judiciary Committee.
# 1 – CALL the Committee Chair Rep. Laurie Jinkins at 

conference call icon

(360) 786-7930 and Vice Chair Rep. Drew Hansen at (360) 786-7842. 
# 2 – CALL any Judiciary Committee Members who are also your Representatives.


 # 3 – EMAIL all Judiciary Committee Members.

Cut and paste the following list into your email client recipient field.


 Laurie.Jinkins@leg.wa.gov, Drew.Hansen@leg.wa.gov, Jay.Rodne@leg.wa.gov, Terry.Nealey@leg.wa.gov, Roger.Goodman@leg.wa.gov, Larry.Haler@leg.wa.gov, Steve.Kirby@leg.wa.gov, Brad.Klippert@leg.wa.gov, Dick.Muri@leg.wa.gov, Tina.Orwall@leg.wa.gov, MaryHelen.Roberts@leg.wa.gov, Matt.Shea@leg.wa.gov,
Parental Rights

OPPOSE: HB 1934 –

Third-Party Visitation

HB 1934 – Concerning Third-Party Visitation

Summary: Would allow a third party (non-relative) to petition the court for visitation of a child. This bill would enact a new section in Washington law that would allow any person to petition a court for visitation rights with a child if they have “established an ongoing and substantial relationship with the child.” The bill is not limited to grandparents/relatives but is open to non relatives.

Status: Was introduced at the Executive Session (without a hearing), passed out of committee, and is presently in Rules.

Action: Watching

Parental Rights * Sanctity of Human Life

SUPPORT: SB 5156 & HB 1257
Parental Notification for Abortion

SB 5156 & HB 1257 – Requiring parental notification before an abortion on a minor.

Action: Watching
Parental Rights

SUPPORT: HB 2133 –

Student Privacy Bill

HB 2133 – Maintaining privacy of student educational records.

Summary: Would require a Joint Legislative Audit & Review Committee (JLARC) to conduct a detailed analysis of documents and agreements by the OSPI, the OFM, and school districts related to collection, sharing, storage, security, dissemination, and access to personally identifiable student data or student-level data. Read more about HB 2133.


Status: The House Committee on Education has referred the bill for further consideration and research during the interim.

Action: None, until further notice.

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