Gallagher Notes – 20190201

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“Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren targeted NFL owner Dan Snyder on Saturday in a public pitch for her “ultra-millionaire” tax plan, but the narrative got away from her when a few people pointed out which team Snyder happens to own: the Washington Redskins. “This billionaire NFL owner just paid $100M for a ‘superyacht’ with its own iMax theater,” Warren tweeted. “I’m pretty sure he can pay my new #UltraMillionaireTax to help the millions of yacht-less Americans struggling with student loan debt.” At first, people just balked at her tax plan in general, the 2020 presidential contender made an argument earlier in the week for a tax plan that would introduce a “wealth tax” on households with a net worth of $50 million or greater. What Warren failed to mention is that although Snyder certainly spent a fair amount on his “superyacht,” he has donated millions to charitable causes over the years, from disaster relief efforts after Hurricane Katrina and the tsunami in Indonesia to community-based organizations such as Youth For Tomorrow, a residential facility for at-risk kids in Manassas, Virginia.” – Bill O’Reilly