Grassroots group “Just Want Privacy” on Initiative 1552

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I recieved this email from “Just Want Privacy” on June 7th (some content removed). Go to Just Want Privacy’s website for more info, petitions, and links. Email follows:


Dear San Juan County Republicans:

On May 20th the Washington State Republican Party passed a resolution stating:

“Be it resolved that the Washington State Republican Party calls on all Washington state voters to sign and gather signatures to certify initiative 1552 before the July 7thdeadline.”

Our State needs to gather 330,000 signatures supporting this petition by July 1st to place this initiative on the November ballot.  Divide that number by 39 counties, and each county needs to get approximately 8,400 signatures….but 1,600 signatures from   San Juan County  would be wonderful!

If each Republican accepts the challenge of gathering signatures then we can have a great impact in this important issue that will bless our community for years to come!

Here is the challenge:  Will each GoP member take responsibility to fill out 1 full petition page (20 signatures on each page.)?    We know some  will get more and some will get less; that is completely acceptable.  Remember every signature counts!!

5 Simple Ways You Can Help

1 –  If you are a PCO, walk your own precinct to gather signatures, then help another PCO in their precinct.  (this is lots more fun if you walk with someone.)  You may also find others in your precinct who want to help.

2- Sign up to help gather signatures at pre-scheduled  events nearby or in an adjacent county.  Go here to sign up as a volunteer.  Or organize your own signature gathering event in front of a busy retailer or community event.  Parades and churches are the best.  Be sure to look for parades in your cities between now and July 1st (or July 4th if you can drive your petitions to Olympia on July 7th.)

Public spaces are always available to you and people are eager to sign this petition.

3 – Donate here to cover paid signature gathering.  Each full page costs about $35, but ALL donations are helpful!

4 – Take the petition to church, or another group or event you attend, gather signatures in those locations.

5 – Post regularly on Facebook and other social media, or call your friends to invite them to sign your petition.  And remember to “Share” all Just Want Privacy posts, emails or tweets with your circle of family and friends.

Go here to request blank petitions.  Return filled or partially filled petitions to the address on the back of the petition by July 1st!  If you need to turn them in after July 1, for instructions.

There is no time to lose; let us lead the way in getting signatures!

What is initiative 1552?
In December 2015, a rule went into effect for the whole State of Washington.  The rule allows biological males to enter, use the toilets, undress, shower and otherwise be present in female bathrooms, locker rooms, shower rooms, changing facilities, and homeless shelters (and vice versa).

Our elected officials did not vote on this rule; it was imposed by a panel of 5 people appointed by Governor Gregoire or Governor Inslee.  Many people in our state don’t even know this new rule is currently in effect.

“Initiative 1552: Safe Spaces for Women and Children”, would repeal this harmful rule and restore safety, privacy and common sense in Washington.  330,000 signatures are needed by July 1st, to get this on the November ballot.

For more information visit