Hold Strong Republicans and Those who Recognize Obamacare is Leading Us to a Dangerous Road

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Obamacare=Better Health Care? I think not. How many of you have received notices this month from your insurance carrier saying your policy will no longer be available? Many in our county are affected by this.The goal of Obamacare is to move us all to single payer. That is, the government will control all of your healthcare and many personal decisions.Will more people enjoy better healthcare under Obamacare? NO! Don’t be fooled by those saying more poor will be served.Now both those with and without insurance will receive long wait periods and filtered/approved healthcare.Good luck attracting qualified doctors to the nightmare.The financial imbalance will break the insurance industry and more undereducated, underexperienced witch doctors will appear on the scene to cure your ills and make you feel better. Substance abuse will rise as treatment for your ills.Hidden taxes in Obamacare will break us all. It is a bad law. Block the funding!

Call and tell our Republican Congressmen and Senators to hold strong.Call Larsen, Cantwell and Murray and tell them to wise up. We don’t want Obamacare.

Your humble Chair,