Hospital District Fumbles Funds

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The San Juan County Public Hospital District has officially taken $40,000 from the District Subsidy set up for charitable services to pay their political ally Planned Parenthood. The district residents could have used the money for Prevention Coalition Drug Treatment and Mental Health Programs or the Paramedical Program promoting home health care and hospice.

Let’s be clear that the triad of commissioners Harrington, Sharp and Williams prioritized women’s healthcare already provided in the district by PIMC,PP and San Juan Healthcare over needs of the most vulnerable in the district. Why? Legal counsel debunked Harrington and Williams’ statements about SJCPHD being open to an ACLU suit similar to the one against Skagit Regional Hospital.

Statistics showed no need for PP expansion in the district. PP did show an inflated budget for expansion which indicated a shortfall and the triad fell for it. They even agreed to give PP more than the amount requested! Even if there were a need, PP’s billions of revenue could have paid for it.

Our hospital district charitable fund, our tax money, has been used to payback PP for its election support of Harrington, Williams and Sharp. Follow the money trail to the Local Democrat Party with strong ties to PP and support of the triad. Remember this the next election cycle. Remember this the next time you hold a hospice patient’s hand or take food to your opiate dependent neighbor. Your hospital district commissioner triad could have helped but did not think you mattered.