Jinyoung Englund earns endorsement of The Seattle Times

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Jinyoung Englund for
State Senate

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October 13, 2017

Jinyoung Englund earns endorsement of The Seattle Times

Woodinville, WA — Earlier today, The Seattle Times Editorial Board endorsed Jinyoung Englund for 45th legislative district senate race. The Seattle Times is the largest-circulation daily newspaper in the state of Washington, and has the largest Sunday circulation in the Pacific Northwest.

In their endorsement, the Times noted “Voters in the 45th Legislative District should elect Jinyoung Lee Englund to the state Senate to preserve a balance of power between Democratic and Republican control in state government.”

Englund has campaigned widely on the importance of preserving a balance of power in Olympia. “I believe that balance should be the cornerstone of our state government. We’ve seen what happens with one-party rule, we experienced that in our state for decades: spend, spend, spend our hard-earned taxpayer dollars with nothing to show for it,” said Englund. “With a balance of power and a bipartisan coalition, we were able to fully fund education and save the voter-approved charter school law, and establish greater accountability and transparency when it comes to government spending. That’s the kind of leadership we need more of in Olympia. That’s the kind of leader the Andy Hill was. I hope to follow in his footsteps and carry on his legacy.”

Englund resides in Woodinville near her family. Her husband, Geoff, is currently forward-deployed in Asia. Englund is a military spouse and third-generation Washingtonian. Her family has lived on the Eastside for over 30 years. She is an entrepreneur and led a team that built an award-winning app for the U.S. Marine Corps.