Judge Sanders needs our Support!

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We are on a full sprint to the primary.

We also started airing radio ads on news stations throughout Washington. Take 30 seconds to listen to the ad below.

The message is simple: Richard is the only candidate who will fight to uphold the Constitution and protect individual liberties without compromise.

The challenge is spreading this message to every voter across the state. In order to expand these radio ads to all parts of the state, we need your help.

We are running out of days before the primary. There are 4 candidates in this race. The top 2 advance to the general election. Please contribute what you can to spread Richard’s message to each voter that has yet to submit their ballots.

Sarah Franklin
Campaign Manager
P.S. Submit your ballots right away. The deadline is approaching. And please consider making a generous contribution to help get our ad onto radio stations all across the state!