Looking Forward

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Here we are at a door looking forward and back. We have experienced many triumphs and many defeats. Leading through the next 2 years will be a challenge but we must do it. Our values and principles will be needed to save our county, state and nation. Our challenge is to convince the voting Americans that honor is good, honesty is good and fulfilling goals is noble. I do not doubt that the troubled economy and property rights issues are good motivators but we must find the heroes of our country to convince people to work/earn honor. We are proud to be Americans. Our nation is great. Our duty is to be honorable. We are the light on the hill.

At the end of November every 2 years our county organization dissolves. I am asking you to be present for our county’s reorganization meeting Saturday January 12th 11:00 AM at Mamie’s Boardwalk on Orcas. This meeting’s purpose is to elect new officers. Only elected PCO’s may vote but I would encourage all present and past PCO’s to attend. All can have input and will most likely be appointed PCO’s if desired. Committees will also be needed for Lincoln Day Events, Website, Newsletters, July 4th Parades, County Fair Booth, etc. A boat from SJI would be appreciated if anyone has one for us to use.

As part of our mission I would encourage everyone to look at the county’s website for committee openings. Please apply for a seat on a committee and get involved. All of the listed committees could use our influence.

Finally, thank you for all the hours, sweat and money many of you have personally contributed. We have all grown and learned from these last 2 years. I am proud to have developed some great friends among you and am aware I have made a few enemies as well. Let’s be patient with each other as we are all a bit fragile in heart since the election and need to heal. Just don’t take too long. Let’s regroup and work harder!

God BlessAmerica!

Michelle, Chair

PS. I have been finding strength and solace in reading about our historic leaders during difficult times. I can only imagine the stress of putting my name on a document that would declare my country independent but me guilty of treason. Great leaders had to patch our country back together after the Civil War when our nation could not have been more divided. World War involvement took American leaders into the height of respect and power when influencing outcomes. We are one nation under God. Of course I find solace in Him.