Magnificent Trump Victory with Republican Senate and House!

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president-trumpTrump victory sweeps America and the people are heard. Success for the Senate and House will translate into a better American economy, increased jobs and national security. These victories were the result of the silent majority stepping up to vote for our American Dream without the stifling shield of political correctness that has led us down a disturbing rabbit hole.

So what about Washington State? Once again Western Washington with King County calls the state. Look at the map of the nation and see how out of touch we are here. Washington State fell to the Democrat machine that elects a poor candidate for Governor to follow party line. Bill Bryant’s loss to Inslee is a smack of ignorance following the blind. Wake up democrats and see your choices here will continue to keep our state in the dark ages of the economy, transportation and the American Dream.

There continue to be successes in Washington State as Republicans will affect the purse strings in the the Treasurers office and the State Senate Conservative Majority. Many House races are too close to call yet. Kim Wyman’s Sec of State victory is also surely cause to be proud as well.

The sun is shining on America today. Many prayers have been answered to move our country forward, away from Socialism and toward a better moral compass. We must work diligently to install good work ethic, diminish overbearing regulations and know growth with conservation influence is possible. God Bless America!

Humbly, Michelle Loftus Republican State Committee Woman for SJC