Michael Baumgartner for US Senate

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Friends:I’ve travelled across our great state with Senator Michael Baumgartner since last December. At every meet-and-greet, county fair, or fundraiser, I’m asked “Why do YOU like Mike?”Let me tell you why – Mike just gets it. I like Mike because he understands that it’s my generation, and the generations after us, that will pay the price for failing to correct the course America is currently on.My generation is hurting. After graduating from Auburn Riverside High School, I attended the United States Military Academy at West Point. Since graduating and receiving my commission in 2009, I’ve attended the funerals of 3 of my classmates.

My generation has answered the call of our great nation, but we now have a government too tied up in its own partisan bickering to truly focus on the challenges facing a new generation of veterans. We have to do better by them, and Mike understands that. Mike’s experience on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan makes him better positioned to advise on foreign policy than most of our current leadership in DC – especially Senator Cantwell.

But it’s not just a failed foreign policy that plagues my generation. It’s the worst economy since the Great Depression that’s rendered almost 25% of my generation un- or underemployed. President Obama and Senator Cantwell overpromised and under delivered on a bright future where young people were supposed to be valued and lifted up.

Mike gets it. He taught economics courses at Harvard. He understands how the economy works and what it takes to get America moving again.

We desperately need to send a message to DC. Mike is doing his part, but we need you to do yours. Without your support, we can’t overcome the odds stacked against us. But if work together, and stand together, we can win.

I am asking you to dig deep and make this race the fight it deserves to be.

We need you to volunteer with your local Victory Office to make Get Out The Vote calls.

We need you to doorbell your precinct.

We need you to get in touch with us and tell us how you can help.

Senator Cantwell thinks she has enough money to hide from her record, so we’re bringing the fight to her. We will fight until the very end, but we need your feet on the ground and your voice on the calls. We need you.

If you haven’t given all you can give, then you haven’t done enough. Tell us why you like Mike. Tell us what you’ll do to get him over that finish line.

As Mike puts it, “We have work to do!”

Respectfully,Larry Choate III

Campaign Coordinator