Michelle Loftus on PHD #1

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We received this note from Michelle Loftus about SJC Public Hospital District #1. (full disclosure: Nathan Butler, Chairman of SJCRP, has accepted a part-time job with PHD #1. He has no role in forming policy, but will generally recuse himself from PHD issues. Although we have been focusing on the PP issue, PHD generally does important work that makes a difference in many people’s lives. He is proud to be a part of it. We have a number of people intersted in the PP issue, Michelle Loftus among others, and we will continue to post and distribute their messages).

SJCPHD Meeting Wed 4/26  5:00 PM at County Council Chambers in FH

We outnumbered the PP supporters at the last meeting so let’s do it again.

 Today or tomorrow morning please send an email to the commissioners objecting to money going to PP before other needs in our community are met. An example of my email is below.

Tomorrow please attend the meeting and participate in the Public Access time. They will be voting to approve a contract with PP. There is a first objection in that services currently offered by PP here conflict with services provided by PIMC or physicians with leased space. By the 3rd Amendment of the district’s hospital contract, that is not allowed but we’ll see if the 3 follow this or not. The second objection pertains to funds used for abortions. Abortions cannot be performed safely in our remote location so our tax dollars would be used outside the district.

SJCPHD Commissioner,
Please consider real SJCPHD real needs when dispersing tax dollars. Hospice, Drug Abuse Treatment Programs, Paramedic Programs and Mental Health Counseling need financial support in our district.
Consider PP’s government funding has doubled in the past 10 years to $553,000,000  while their health services other than abortion has decreased 60-77%. PP Abortions have increased 27%.

   Consider: PP performs 323,999 abortions per year 

887 abortions per day

1 abortion every 97 seconds

Do not waste our tax dollars with PP. You can do better.
You must satisfy the 3rd amendment of the subsidy correctly. Don’t compete with PIMC and don’t use our tax dollars outside the district.
Sincerely,Michelle Loftus,Friday Harbor, WA