Monday is call your Legislature Day!

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Read and research. You may not always agree with my suggestions.That’s fine. Just be part of the discussion for our State.Make those calls today!
Our Leg District 40 Officials:
Rep. Kristine Lytton(d)-360-786-7800
Rep. Jeff Morris(d)-360-786-7970
Senator Kevin Ranker(d)-360-786-7678/360-676-2160

Leader of the Senate Republican Caucus:
Senator Mark Schoesler(R)-1-800-562-6000/360-786-7620
3 Bills to Consider:
1) Don’t Support:
House Bill 1865 <> 2/12/2013Digest of House Bill 1865 <> 2/14/2013
Link to “Public Comment on Bill” for HB 1865 <>
NEW Bill
HB 1874 Federal immigration policy Little -2
2013 House Bill 1874: Addressing federal immigration policy enforcement

  • Introduced by Rep. Luis Moscoso, (D – Mountlake Terrace) (D) on February 13, 2013, prohibits law enforcement from detaining an individual on the basis of immigration status after that individual becomes eligible for release from criminal custody, unless, at the time the individual becomes eligible for release, a criminal background check reveals the individual was previously convicted of a most serious offense or violent offense. This act effectively withdraws Washington from the federal government’s secure communities program. This act provides that no law enforcement officer or agency shall make an individual available for interview by any employee of U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement Agency or the Border Patrol.
    • Referred to the House Public Safety Committee on February 13, 2013.

House Bill 1798 <> 2/8/2013Digest of House Bill 1798 <> 2/11/2013
Link to “Public Comment on Bill” for HB 1798 <>

NEW Bill
HB 1799 Criminal activity at rentals Limited 4
2013 House Bill 1799: Addressing criminal activities occurring at rental properties

  • Introduced in the House on February 11, 2013, expands the definition of “criminal trespass” to include tenants by sufferance, or persons residing at a rental property who are not listed as tenants on a rental agreement and who refuse to immediately upon demand surrender possession of the premises to the owner, or vacate the property. This act provides and eliminates certain legal defenses to the charge of criminal trespass, and allows an owner who has demanded a tenant by sufferance to vacate the owner’s property may request law enforcement to remove the tenant. This act directs law enforcement to attempt to report to the landlord any incidents of street gang or human trafficking activity involving their tenants or rental property. (See also SB 5280).
    • Referred to the House Judiciary Committee on February 11, 2013.

Senate Bill 5116 <> 1/17/2013Digest of Senate Bill 5116 <> 1/18/2013

Senate Bill Report on Senate Bill 5116 <> 2/11/2013Senate Bill Report on Senate Bill 5116 as Reported by Senate Governmental Operations on 02-11-2013 <> 2/11/2013
Link to “Public Comment on Bill” for SB 5116 <>

Status Updated
SSB 5133 Growth mgmt hearings board Limited 1
2013 Senate Bill 5133: Ensuring growth management hearings board members meet qualifications relating to land use experience

  • Introduced by Sen. Jim Honeyford (R) on January 21, 2013, requires that at least three members of the Growth Management Hearings Board be engaged in the legal profession with a focus on land use at the time of their appointment to the board.
    • Referred to the Senate Government Operations Committee on January 21, 2013.
      • Substitute offered in the Senate on February 12, 2013, establishes that three members of the GMHB must have been an elected official or someone who has been engaged in land use planning or land use law and who has experience in the practical application of those matters.
    • Referred to the Senate Rules Committee on February 12, 2013.