Movie “2016” Highlights

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Great thanks to the efforts of Jerry Alhadeff for showing “2016” yesterday. It was well attended. I came away with a better understanding of Obama’s actions. Obama’s global viewpoint of anti colonialism was nurtured by his family and family friends from a young age. From this have spun his ideas of “Redistribution of Wealth” essentially because western nations “owe” the previously colonized nations.Obama not only wants to redistribute America’s wealth to underprivileged Americans but to the countries that are “owed”.Yikes!This explains his shutting down drilling on our shores while sending money for drilling to Brazil.This explains his resistance to stop nuclear development in Iran.This also explains his 16 Trillion Dollar debt that makes our currency unstable and our trade vulnerable.His apology tour to Europe and the Middle East showed those countries his plan was in action.The destabilization of America has begun…….

Please send a card or facebook response to Jerry Alhadeff or the Palace Theater thanking them for their hard work!Pat O’day was also very involved with this effort. Thanks to Pat as well!


Michelle, Chair