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Dear San Juan County Friends and Neighbors,Planning Commission Meeting this Friday

CSA will host coffee and goodies, Friday morning at 7:30 AM, in the Grange Hall at 152 North First Street (next to the American Legion) in Friday Harbor for CSA neighbors and friends from all islands to gather prior to the Planning Commission (PC) meeting. We plan to depart for the Council Chambers at 55 Second Street in time to attend the 8:45 AM meeting, where PC deliberations will continue on the Wetland Section of the CAO. The Grange Hall will be open again at either the conclusion of the PC deliberations or over the lunch hour (whichever occurs first) for a question and answer period.

Please make every attempt to make this meeting! Our turnout for the March 6 meeting was worthy of attention, but it appears that our comments have been glossed over or ignored by the PC in their deliberations. We believe it is important for us all to be seen and heard from again. After Friday’s meeting, there will not be an opportunity for any more public comments until the County Council opens the Wetland Section for discussion.

Please make a note that the date of the Council’s first discussion of the Wetland Section has been tentatively set for 1:00 PM, Monday, April 16. The date for the Council’s public hearing has not yet been set.  We will keep you posted of the date as it becomes available.

CSA members have discovered the Trojan Heron blog. Have you?

YouTube of March 6 Planning Commission Meeting

This is a short excerpt of a long hearing.  Commissioners pose questions to staff and Dr. Adamus about a reference citation behind the County’s newly proposed buffer calculation tool and in particular the Mayer 2007 paper being relied upon to create large buffers on your property. See if this is enough verification for you for a “no go zone” on your property.

Eagle Forum of San Juan County Event on Saturday

CSA friends on Orcas will host a Critical Areas Ordinance Town Hall Meeting from 6 to 9 pm, Saturday, March 31, at the Rosario Beach House. The speakers will be prominent land use attorney Sandy Mackie, Freedom Foundation’s Glen Morgan, CSA board members John Evans and Ed Kilduff, who is also a professional hydrologist, and Tom Ritter, former National Parks Assistant Superintendant.

CSA Press Release

Common Sense Alliance (CSA) is pleased to announce the addition of Sandy Mackie, a leading land use attorney of the Perkins Coie Law Offices, Seattle, to its team of professionals, that includes practicing attorneys, civil engineers, licensed and certified hydrologists, geologists, and business leaders. We look forward to having Sandy’s guidance and assistance in resolving the critical legal issues as proposed in the draft Critical Areas Ordinances (CAO) and Shoreline Management Program (SMP) prepared by San Juan County. Sandy’s CV may be found at

CSA’s mission is to educate Islanders, as well as the San Juan County Council, Staff, and Planning Commission on the law and process regarding updates to the Critical Areas Ordinances (CAO) and Shorelines Management Program (SMP). As a part of this mission CSA considers it critical for all to consider the social, economic and environmental impacts of change upon our rural way of living, and to evaluate and balance those competing interests as common sense advises and the law requires. Such an effort requires resources, human as well as financial, to reach out to the community. If you are available and would like to assist, please contact

Common Sense Alliance

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