News Tribune:Morning update: Session Day 72

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Political Buzz Talking WA politics Jordan Schrader 
Although Sen. Mike Carrell is ailing and absent, some of his bills continue to move, and his overhaul of state-employee ethics laws, Senate Bill 5577, gets a hearing at 9 a.m. today in front of the House Government Operations and Elections Committee.

The wide-ranging measure emerged from Carrell’s tangling with the Department of Corrections over an official’s alleged ethics violations. The bill targets supervisors who allow ethics violations by subordinates, and attempts to make ethics investigations more independent from the agencies being investigated. It also aims to protect whistleblowers.

The Senate Governmental Operations Committee will hold 10 a.m. hearings on a number of bills, including House Joint Memorial 4001, requesting that Congress amend the U.S. Constitution to “return the authority to regulate election campaign contributions to Congress and state legislatures.” The request comes in the wake of the controversial U.S. Supreme Court decision commonly referred to as Citizens United.

Family members of U.S. armed forces members who died while in service, or as a result of service, may be able to apply for gold star license plates if House Bill 1132 is approved. The bill will receive a 3:30 p.m. public hearing in front of the Senate Transportation Committee.

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