Non Partisan Election?

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Whew! The cat fur is flying!The sjc dems are feeling the heat and putting out the usual threats.
Aren’t you a little bothered that I was pressured to remove the independent Trust Islanders!PAC information from our website? OK I understand the PAC did not want what is now spewing.The dems are making crazy accusations of loads of Republican money going to candidates not endorsed by the dems. Well I assure you there is no money going to the candidates from the SJCRP because it is a non partisan race.Look at the candidates PDC reports and see the truth.The SJCRP will respect the law. We will respect the County Charter.The dems want to control all independent thought and support.We are not to have a voice against them?

I think not.We saw their candidates lose locally in November and we will see it again:)

Our County Prosecutor is putting out confusing information on this topic.Look where his loyalties sit even though his office is supposed to be a non partisan position.

From Wikipedia:In political sciencenonpartisan denotes an election, event, organization or person in which there is no formally declared association with a political party affiliation. The Merrian-Webster dictionary’s definition of “nonpartisan” is:”Not partisan; free from party affiliation, bias, or designation.”[1]Some nonpartisan organizations are truly such; others are nominally nonpartisan but in fact are generally identifiable with a political party.

Today, nonpartisan elections are generally held for municipal and county offices, especially school board, and are also common in the election of judges.

Although elections may be officially nonpartisan, in some elections (usually involving larger cities or counties) the party affiliations of candidates are generally known, most commonly by the groups endorsing a particular candidate (e.g., a candidate endorsed by a labor union would be generally affiliated with the Democratic Party, while a candidate endorsed by a business coalition would be generally affiliated with the Republican Party).