Michael Reagan:Obama is no Carter

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From Newsmax:Urgent, Dear Newsmax Reader:I keep hearing that this election is going to be just like my Dad’s landslide win against Jimmy Carter.I hope they are right!But they are wrong in thinking Barack Obama is Jimmy Carter. He isn’t.He is much more dangerous. And it’s critically important to understand the difference between the two if we are going to defeat him.First, let’s start with how they are same.Both Carter and Obama presided over a major economic recession.Both had a “blame America first policy” in foreign affairs.Barack Obama’s foreign policy is a mess, but we won’t see the results of it until a second term, God forbid.With Carter we had the Iran hostage crisis and Soviet adventurism in Afghanistan and Latin America.Both simply hated conservatives. Both were egomaniacs and control freaks. Now for the real differences.Barack Obama is eminently more “likable” than Jimmy Carter.Polls suggest he’s even more likable than Mitt Romney.And that’s the danger. That the American people fall into the “likability” trap.If you noticed, Barack Obama and his wife have been hitting all the late night chat shows, — Leno, Letterman, Kimmel.Obama even dissed Prime Minister Netanyahu to have a love fest chat on “The View.”The Obamas want to talk about everything except their record. They want to be liked!So far, their strategy has worked.But we have anotherstrategy: getting Americans to focus on Obama’s performance as president.I believe it is even worse than Jimmy Carter’s!And yet Obama is ahead in many polls and even leads in several swing states.Clearly, the liberal media are pulling out the stops to get him re-elected.They fear Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.As you may know, I am National Chairman of Super PAC for America.This is a remarkable organization that played a key role in the GOP winning Congress in 2010.Its chief strategist is Dick Morris, the former presidential political adviser who has a history of winning big political races, often when his candidate was declared the “loser” by the big media.Dick and I share the same philosophy. This election is about one thing: Barack Obama’s job performance.The more we focus voters — especially swing voters — on Obama’s record — he loses!Frankly, the Romney campaign has not run ads as effectively as they could have. This may be a reason he lags in key states.Right now we are airing ads in 5 critical swing states. In two of them, Florida and Virginia, it looks like we have had a major effect and Obama is now well behind.Super PAC for America needs to expand to 3 more additional swing states by early next week.We urgently need your help to do so — Please Donate.Dick Morris and I have produced a powerful new ad that is taken from the second presidential debate.During the debate, Gov. Romney smashed Obama on his job performance, detailing all of his failings.It’s a powerful statement of what’s at stake. Super PAC for America has used Mitt’s remarks and put them into a 60-second ad.It works really well.Not only does it present the simple and honest “facts” about Obama, but it’s done in a way that shows Mitt Romney as “likable” — he is a patriotic American like you and me, a family man who cares about this country.He has no personal gripe against Barack Obama.I think you will agree that the future of our country is at stake.Four more years of Obama and we may not recognize our great country!With days to go before Election Day, I am asking you to take a stand with me.I am asking you to take a personal stand. To support us financially in this endeavor to stop and roll back Obama’s radical agenda.I can’t thank you enough for helping us so far.Back two months ago, Mitt Romney was already declared the loser. We have fought the good fight. Mitt can win this. He will win this.With your help and God’s favor, nothing can stop him.Please help him today.