Orcas Climate Event Attenders Leave Signs as Trash

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End of the day last Friday around 7PM, I almost got in the car to head home and noticed some debris on the Village Green.

I personally try to stop and pick up trash on the streets of Eastsound when I can. We are a generally pretty clean community and I like to do my part. Not virtue signaling.  Just what I do.

I walked on to the Village Green and found 7 or 8 signs and posters on various flattened cardboard boxes and other media. The signs were decrying the state of our planet and the measures we should take to reverse the trend and fix the problem.

I took a picture and picked up the signs spread from table to stage. I placed the cardboard into a dumpster and them noticed another that was propped up against the Orcas Museum building.  Took a picture and disposed of that also.

I must admit I am a science denier in their eyes. Yet in my eyes they are denying science. I believe that certainly the planet climate is changing, but not at the extreme claims of the leaders in the movement. The earth’s rotation, Sun flares, spots and other such events contribute far more to the climate situation than man’s impact. Are there local environmental issues causing pollution issues? Certainly. I believe science and technology will continue to help us solve problems, expose issues and provide answers. We all need to be active in the process, but I do not think we have to end the world as we know it.

I think we all need to work towards being consistent in our approach and methods. That means cleaning up our own mess before pointing fingers at others.

Rick Boucher