Republican vs Democrat?

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Republicans and Democrats agree in desiring happy lives free of stress and having the unfortunate cared for.

The difference is how Republicans and Democrats want to achieve this.

Republicans want to do for themselves. Republicans want the free market to set up systems to achieve happiness in personal wealth and healthy communities including care for the needy.Let’s list successful examples:
Successful Businesses
The Food Bank/Resource Center
Church Outreach and Hospitals
Service Organizations-Lions,Rotary,Kiwanas
Local Animal Shelters

Democrats want those with money to pay more taxes so the government can take care of their happiness and the needs of the unfortunate. Such comes with restrictive regulations on how, when and where you can be happy.Let’s list where this approach has failed:
Postal System
Social Security
Public Schools in general are caught in a quagmire of government regulations that require so much administration that direct education costs are second to running the organization.God bless those dedicated good teachers caught in the middle.
SJC Critical Areas Ordinance
Unemployment benefits that last 2 years
Nanny State Attitudes

There is a difference. Watch while Republicans clean up the present mess.