Rob McKenna’s opponent for Governor costs Washington $770,000

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Have you heard that because Jay Inslee quit his job in Congress it will cost you, the taxpayer, $770,000? The state has to run a special election for a new Congressman even though that person will only fill the seat for a month. This is outrageous and we think you should send Inslee the invoice! Ex-Congressman Inslee has enough money in both of his campaign accounts to send the State of Washington a check to cover the cost of the special election and we think he should do that instead of sticking his bill with the taxpayers.

If you agree you shouldn’t be stuck with the bill because of his political ladder climbing then send Inslee the invoice!


Kirby Wilbur, Chairman
Washington State Republican Party

P.S. The ex-Congressman thought he would pull a fast one and get away with leaving the 1st District without a Representative, but the law caught up to him and now we’re stuck with $770,000 in costs, send Inslee the invoice!