San Juan County Republicans in Olympia

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Your State Committee Woman Sandra Frinell, State Committee Man Levi Rawls and Chair Michelle Loftus visited our elected representatives in Olympia this week. We presented them with our opinions on bills working through committees.Even though our Leg District 40 representatives are very liberal we were heard and respected. We also met with the Republican Caucus who gave us much encouragement and urged us to work in our county.Did you know they pray before their weekly Monday meetings? Did you know our Chair Kirby Wilbur is there every Monday morning?Helpful conversations were also engaged with our Sec of State and Sec of Agriculture.State Chair Kirby Wilbur also encouraged our work. Mr Wilbur will be here Saturday for our Lincoln Day Dinner.

We will be posting weekly bills of concern and the phone numbers of our elected officials. The legislatures say that their ears perk up if they get 20 calls on a bill. So let’s call. It is easy.

Good Sources to research include online The Current and The Washington Policy Center. I also enjoy watching TVW. Updates from Kirby and all of you can be forwarded as well. Let’s get busy.
Chair Michelle