Silly Protestors Bring Attention to the Awesome Republican Fair Booth

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Silly Protestors Bring Attention to the Awesome Republican Fair Booth.

What a hoot!The fair provided a great way for us to connect with other conservatives in our county. We also met conservatives from Canada, Virginia and the Midwest US. Our booth provided a Make America Great Theme as we  provided patriotic conversation and take home items.Much attention was given to the cotton candy Trump Hair that we passed out to kids and adults. I estimate over 100 pocket US Constitutions are now in the hands of young and old who came to our booth.

As we delivered our message of patriotism and conservative American values protests came in various ways. One man now has a police report filed against him for being verbally abusive and intimidating. This photo of silly protestors shows how adolescent adults can behave. What was their point? Really how intimidating can you be standing there holding your fair food take out container? If you recognize people in this photo you may want to advise them appropriately.

Well we all had a blast of a time. Our cardboard Trump has been photographed and hugged. OK once it was punched but we defended him before he was hurt. He was then sold for a nice donation to our party. Yea!

Thanks to all the hard work and patience of our volunteers. You held our purpose up proudly and with dignity.

Michelle Loftus