SJCRP Recommendations for Nov 6,2012 General Election

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I-1185 – Requires 2/3 majority to raise taxes – YES

I-1240 – Allows Charter Schools to non religious, non profit organizations only – NO*

Referendum 74 – Legalize same-sex marriage – REJECT

I-502 – Legalize marijuana – NO

SJR 8221 – Lowers state’s debt limit – APPROVE

SJR8223-State University investment funds- NO

Advisory Vote No. 1, ESB 6635-MAINTAINED

Advisory Vote No.2, SHB 2590-REPEALED

Initiative Measure 2012-4-GMO ban-NO

San Juan Co Prop.No.1-Decreases Co. Council 6 to 3-APPROVED*

San Juan Co Prop. No. 2-Changes Co. Administrator toCo.Manager-APPROVED*

San Juan Co Prop. No. 3-Reduces Private Meetings of Co.Council-APPROVED*


President/Vice President – Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan

U.S.Senate – Sen. Michael Baumgartner

U.S.Congress, District 2 – Dan Matthews

Governor –Rob McKenna

Lt. Governor – Bill Finkbeiner

Secretary of State – Kim Wyman

State Treasurer – Sharon Hanek

State Auditor – James Watkins

Attorney General – Reagan Dunn

Commissioner of Public Lands – Clint Didier

Superintendent of Public Instruction – No recommendation, leave blank

Insurance Commissioner – John Adams

State Senator District 40 – John Swapp

State Representative Pos 1- Brandon Robinson

State Representative Pos 2- Howard Pellet

State Supreme Court Justice, Pos. 2 & 8 – No recommendation, leave blank

State Supreme Court Justice, Pos. 9 – Richard Sanders

Court of Appeals – No recommendation, leave blank

San Juan Co Superior Court Judge- No recommendation, leave blank

Lopez Solid Waste Disposal District Prop No. 1-YES

Orcas Island School District No. 137 Prop No. 1-REJECTED

Orcas Island School District No. 137 Prop No. 2-NO

Local non partisan county positions are not listed. Consider if you think our county is run as efficiently and effectively as possible and vote accordingly.

Ballots will be mailed Oct 19th in San Juan County.

*We will add pages explaining these choices soon.We hope this help you make sound decisions. We ask that you look at the way a ballot measure is worded and the choice you are given to vote on.We feel these choices will strengthen our county,state and nation.

SJCRP Central Committee