So where is Obamacare now?

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After the House Republicans offered the Senate a chance to vote for a delay in AHA individual mandate with the CR (which funds government),Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid(D) and Senate Dems refused so the government shut down. After that stand off, the Senate Dems are suggesting the AHA individual mandate be delayed as if it were their idea. Now you are being told left and right AHA is not ready. Especially it is not ready to fine the people who don’t carry a health insurance policy January 1st. So who caused the shut down? Please. If both parties worked together better for the good of our country the shut down would not have happened and AHA would not exist.There is a better way to improve healthcare for all instead of the government mandates AHA demands. The funding for AHA is a nightmare.As we who have insurance receive our notices that our plans are no longer available, Obama expects us to sign up for AHA policies.Yes a single payer system as was intended all along. Many who voted for Obama because they wanted improved healthcare were baited and switched.Smoke and mirrors.Well, it is Halloween week.Creepy.

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Your Chair,Michelle