State GOP Still Optomisitic after Nov 7th election

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Email from Susan Hutchison, Chair Washington State Republican Party 11/9/17


We have big plans for 2018

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Dear Fellow Republicans,

Despite our loss in the 45th Legislative District, I am hopeful as we go forward into 2018!  No matter what you hear from the media, we have a very positive view of 2018.

To sum it up, Tuesday was a status quo election. Democrats won in democrat districts, and Republicans held four special election seats in the State House and Senate. Congratulations to Shelly Short, Jacquelin Maycumber, Phil Fortunato, and Morgan Irwin who are currently leading their Democrat opponents by exceptionally wide margins. 

Washington’s 45th LD is a Democrat district as 2016 proved with Hillary Clinton’s 65%. Jinyoung Englund has tremendous potential and ran an honorable campaign. However, swing Democrats did not cross party lines as they had for the late incumbent Republican Senator Andy Hill.Jinyoung and all Republicans who fought hard for this seat honored the legacy of Andy Hill by trying to maintain balance in the state legislature as he would have desired. 

If the Democrats are smart they will keep a guiding hand on our very left-wing Governor and steward the state’s budget to fund what the voters want: jobs growth throughout the state, better educations for our kids, and alleviation of traffic gridlock. But, if Democrats are true to form, they will raise taxes on working families, reroute money away from education and pander to their special interests. If they do, 2018 will be a very good year for Republicans, and the GOP will flip seats in the State House to gain the majority there. In addition, despite efforts by the Democrat “Resistance”, the 8th Congressional District will remain in Republican hands with the election of Dino Rossi.

Anyone who calls this election a “blue wall” does not understand the demographics of this state. Washington is a swing state which for half a decade has swung a net of six legislative seats into the red column. Republican Kim Wyman is the most popular elected official in the state and wins by wide margins in 36 out of 39 counties.

As for 2018, we say to the Democrats “bring it on.” 


Susan Hutchison
Chairman, Washington State Republican Party

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