State of the Union Address 2015

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Really? How can the President say he wants political parties to work together while threatening his veto? Yes once again we heard Obama’s two sided promise list. When did you first scream at the TV? Where was your loudest objection? Mine had to be the global warming section, making the Middle East sound resolved and the pandering to give away free stuff he knows the Republicans wont fund.

Other frustrating points include the “striving to support Middle Class Economics” and “We should not pay as much attention to socially divisive campaigns.” Really? Who does the Middle Class work for? They work for those people who you want to tax more and therefore reduce jobs for the Middle Class. The equation is simple Obama. The more money employers pay to the government the less money we have to spend on our employees.

Socially divisive campaigns?What was the War on Women about Obama? Certainly not unity. Seems as if he wrote this speech before the November 2014 elections. He just cant give up that Saul Alinsky bone.

Michelle, SCW