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What a great evening! Dr. Roger Stark gave an informative history on how the Affordable Healthcare Act was developed and pushed through the Senate in 2009. This process is one of the many issues presently being challenged by the courts as described by speaker Daniel Himebaugh. l learned so much about the Affordable Healthcare Law.Dr. Stark also informed us on how the promotion of the bill touted more insurance coverage for more Americans.If the true intent was better healthcare overall, the mark will be sorely missed. We learned about how the cost of premiums vs the penalty will actually keep people from signing up for insurance until they need it.With this in play the insurance companies will not be able to keep up with the risk. Dr. Stark included an analysis of the Massachusetts Healthcare Law under Governor Romney.Not good news either folks. Yes a crash of the system leading us to single payer is most likely. So here we go toward healthcare as experience in Canada and many other countries.With AHA we will experience the stagnation of research and development, months of waiting(dying) for procedures and severe doctor shortages.All of these exaggerated for medicaid/medicare patients.

The good new is that some people will recognize they need to take better care of themselves.

Why did the AMA support the AHA? Dr. Stark mention that the AMA only represents 20% of doctors. Those represented are mostly academia doctors who work for government/academic agencies.

Mr. Himebaugh also explained the Supreme Court Ruling making the penalty for not having health insurance a tax.There are actually 70-100 suits presently working their way through the courts against the AHA.

There is hope. Congress could vote to defund the AHA. Suits coming up could stifle implementation.The employer mandate and individual mandate have been delayed.

However if our goal is to better healthcare in our country, what is the answer? Dr. Stark described HSA systems in other countries that would keep the free market alive while subsidizing low income people would be a possibility.

I regret we did not discuss tort reform.

Please refer to the Pacific Legal Foundation and the Washington Policy Center for more information on legislative issues.Donate and support their work.

Michelle Loftus